the folklore book tag

Hi, friends! I hope you’ve been doing well! 💕 I know that I am *extremely* late, as I’m only doing now this tag, and folklore has been out for a while, back when everyone was creating a million tags based on it!! 😅 I wasn’t tagged but I saw this one at Ilsa’s blog, and I thought it was really good and it’d be fun to answer it! And, of course, I’m playing folklore in the background ✨


  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people. 
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
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Lisbon & Porto Book Fairs • Vlog & Book Haul

Hi friends, I hope you’re having a lovely day so far!! 💖 So last year, I shared with you my day at the book fair in my city, Porto! I’ve been visiting this book fair every year for a few years now, and I always have lots of fun. This year, I luckily managed to also visit the book fair in Lisbon, which made me super happy!! And I’ll like to share it all with you! ✨

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Majesty by Katharine McGee

Hi friends, I hope you’re all doing well! 💖 I’ve been dreading writing reviews for quite some time, as the last one I wrote was back in April and I honestly think I’ve lost the ability to form coherent thoughts on books!! 😂😂 But I’ve recently joined NetGalley again and I’ve been approved for a few titles, so I’ll have to get the hang of it again! 😛

Title: Majesty

Author: Katharine McGee

Publisher: Random House Books

Number of Pages: 368

Language: English

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The Sunshine Blogger Award V

Hi, friends! I hope you’re all doing well!! ✨ Admitelly, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I’ve finally realized it’s September and my holiday days are running out. I’m anxious about the upcoming semester, and on top of that, nervous about keeping a good schedule while being a busy bee. (any recommendations and tips on time management are appreciated!) So today I decided to write & post something quick for you, and as Val @ Behind That Story has said, The Sunshine Blogger Award is such a positive and uplifting post to share! Thanks so much Val for tagging me, you’re the sweetest 💕

How does it work?

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2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

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August Wrap UP

What’s going on?

August was a very eventful month for me! 🤭 I surprisingly had lots of things happening, things to do, and I enjoyed a little holiday. And as if I didn’t have enough going on already, I also decided to start a booktube channel!! I’m super excited about these new plans, but also busy, and that’s why this past month I’ve been really bad at posting – and I shouldn’t give myself a hard time about it, but it’s kinda hard to avoid, sadly. I also didn’t read as much as I had hoped. 😭

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I joined booktube?!

Hello, friends! 💖 So, if you have been following me for a while you know that for some time now, I have been considering the option of joining booktube, “considering” meaning “day-dreaming“, because I never thought I’d actually do it. Four years ago, I decided to start a blog, and not a booktube channel, because a blog seemed better for me, since I could write at anytime I wanted and not depend on external factors. Also, I was shy. 🥺 I’m still shy, and awkward (especially awkward on camera), but Belle’s post and video talking about why you should join booktube gave me the extra boost I needed to actually do it. I guess I just needed someone to tell me to stop creating excuses!

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Would You Rather Book Tag

Hi, everyone!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday! Today I finally have the time to sit down and get organized, and that means maybe catching up with blogging and preparing some content 😛 I thought I’d start with a simple tag, and I have had the Would You Rather Book Tag on my to-do list for a little while, thanks to Val @ Behind That Story!! (thank you so much for tagging me 💕)

The Rules

1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator 

2. Make your own questions and tag others

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June & July Wrap Up

What’s going on?

I’m gonna try and limit this paragraph as much as possible, otherwise this whole post is gonna end up GIGANTIC, but basically June & July were both months of exams and on top of that, I also had lots of big changes going on with my personal life. There were days I felt lost and unmotivated, and therefore didn’t feel like posting, but I’m doing better now, and I’m trying to look at the brighter side!! (super proud of myself for graduating my bachelor’s 💖) I hope your months of June and July were amazing!

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Book Tag

Ever since I finished season five (also last season, VERY unfortunately) of She-ra and the Princesses of Power that it’s been a delight to live inside my mind because everything I can think about is this wonderful world and its amazing characters, but mostly it’s been painful because I NEED more Catradora in my life and I’m not getting it!!! 🥺🥺 (even though I’ve watched every Catradora edit video that has showed up on my Youtube page)

Sooooo this book tag is one more way I get to show appreciation to one of the greatest shows of all time! ✨ Thank you so much Dani @ metamorphoreader for co-creating and nominating me for this tag!!! 💖

🗨 And since we’re here, I’d like to bring to your attention these information posts with petitions, donation requests and resources regarding BLMPalestine and the world in general!

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