Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Hello, everyone! Today I’m bringing you the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, even though I believe I might not actually have a lot of those 🤔 Thank you so much Joana @ bookneeders for tagging me 😀

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An update on the last six months

Hello, book lovers! Yes, I’m still here, and no, I haven’t given up on this little project 😅 I’m aware I haven’t posted since February, and I really apologize for that. To be honest, I had planned on taking a little hiatus back then. I just didn’t expect it to be this long, but because life really, really got in the way, I had to. Again, I’m really sorry. I missed blogging so much! I’ve been slowly trying to get back on track, so hopefully, I will be able to post more often. 😀

Advice: this might get too long, so find yourself a comfortable seat and get a nice cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate if you wanna stick around 😉

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Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict

Heyo, people! I’m just here to say hi and share this super late review that should have been up WEEKS ago 😭



Title: Carnegie’s Maid

Author: Marie Benedict

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Number of Pages: 288

Language: English





In the industrial 1860s at the dawn of the Carnegie empire, Irish immigrant Clara Kelly finds herself in desperate circumstances. Looking for a way out, she seeks employment as a lady’s maid in the home of the prominent businessman Andrew Carnegie. Soon, the bond between Clara and her employer deepens into love. But when Clara goes missing, Carnegie’s search for her unearths secrets and revelations that lay the foundation for his lasting legacy. With captivating insight and stunning heart, Carnegie’s Maid tells the story of one lost woman who may have spurred Andrew Carnegie’s transformation from ruthless industrialist into the world’s first true philanthropist.

I got an arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  


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O Ressurgir dos Eternos Titãs by R. C. Vicente

Hello, book lovers! I know, I know, I’ve been away for too long! I missed opening a new blank page to write here! And I know I kinda disappeared without an explanation, but my laptop broke suddenly and I really couldn’t do anything, and then life happened, and I have so much going on that I’m not sure if I can be as active as I hoped, I’m sorry 😭

But, in an attempt to put my life together, I’m bringing you a new post! I’ve already shared this review on Instagram and Goodreads, so if you want to read it in Portuguese, you can do that either here or here. I really, really enjoyed this book and I’d love for it to be available in more languages, though!



Title: O Ressurgir dos Eternos Titãs (“The Resurrection of the Eternal Titans”, in English) 

Author: R. C. Vicente

Publisher: Chiado Editora

Number of Pages: 606

Language: Portuguese





translated from Goodreads

In the lands of Gémeos Indomáveis, the descendants of the sons of the Gods live under their human form after their real forms being enclausured … the Titans.

For centuries, there hasn’t been a Titan in their original form, until the Battle of the Bear Valley, where Wilmarione Von Rimer from Rokkya fred her true form and flied in the skies as a gigantic white dragon. However, it had been a long time since the queen left for the Garden of the Gods and it has been three generations after her death. Three generations without any eternal being able to free their original form.

But, now, the winds bring with them war songs and in the family of the great rokka queen begins to form a storm that few could control.

In the end, it would be each for their own, against the powerful Empire of Karkalis. And between war, aliances, treason, love, injustice and new friendships, the Titans would … Ressurect.

Even in the darkest and most sinister of creatures, in the cruelest and most evil, one can find a spark of light. But never the opposite.

(I apologize for the terrible translation, it’s pretty late here and my brain is completely fried haha) I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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The Best Book Related Memories TAG

Hello, friends! How are you on this Wednesday? Are you enjoying holidays? Working hard in class? Going to hell and back and trying to stay alive and just pass while studying for finals? 🙂

Today, to distract myself a little bit, I’ve decided to work on this positive TAG! It’s all about your best book-related memories – whether that is books you’ve read or moments you’ve spent that are related to books. I loved this tag and I’m really glad Melissa @ Bookish Wanderer tagged me ❤

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2017 Balance, Best Books & 2018 Goals

Hello, book nerds! Happy 2018! 😀

You might have noticed that I haven’t written any kind of posts related to my favorite/least favorite books of 2017 yet, but I’m really not feeling that kind of posts this year (even though I’m loving reading yours!). This time, I’m focusing on how 2017 went for me and how I would like 2018 to go. But I eventually added a small list of favorites. I know it’s quite different than usual, but I hope you enjoy reading it nevertheless!

Also, I recently posted the New Years Book Tag, where I mentioned some resolutions I wanted to accomplish that I didn’t mention here. It might be worth to check out! 😉

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New Years Book Tag

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone! How are you on this first day (or maybe it’s already the second for some of you) of the year? I spent my New Year’s Eve at my uncle’s house with half of my mom’s side of the family, and I’m spending today with the other half. I still have to check what movies will we be on TV today, since that’s what we mostly do every year 😛

But it’s still the morning here, it’s 9.30 am. And I thought that a good first post of the year would be New Years Book Tag! The lovely Theresa @ The Calico Books tagged me and I’m excited to get to it! I will, nevertheless, post another short post (soon) with what I thought of 2017, some of my favorite books and what my goals for 2018 are. But here’s a quick view:

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December Wrap Up

What day is it today, again? December 31st? Ha, impossible. *checks calendar* What th-?


December passed in a blur! I actually don’t know what I’ve done for half of this month, but I know I must have done something, because December was the deadline for a lot of my university projects and tests. And with Christmas getting closer, I also had more dinners to attend, and Secret Santas to be a part of, and I also went ice skating! That was pretty cool. Christmas itself wasn’t anything special, this year. And I’m spending my “Winter Break” studying for my finals in January, so there’s that. 😭

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Interviewing Iria Alexandra Cardoso (author of ‘Equilibrium I – The Awakening’)

It’s finally Fri-YAY! 😀 And today, I bring you the last interview of the “Mysteries of Writing” event project. It has been a pleasure to share the work of these young authors with you and to show you a reality of my country when it comes to writing books.

If you’ve missed the previous posts, don’t forget to check out

Book Event: “The Mysteries of Writing”

Interviewing Ana Cláudia Dâmaso (author of “Koldbrann”)

Interviewing Patrícia Ferreira (author of ‘Threat of an Angel’)

Interviewing Mariza Martins (author of ‘Brotherhood’)

Interviewing Tânia Dias (author of ‘Broken – Despedaçada’)

Today it’s Iria Alexandra Cardoso’s turn! 🙂

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The Halsey Book Tag

Hello there, happy Wednesday! We’re already halfway through the week, and I just need the weekend to finally come. My only plans, for now, are studying, studying, studying, so nothing interesting is going on 😛

But today I’m bringing you The Halsey Book Tag. I’ve only started to really listen to Halsey’s music this year, but let me tell you something: it’s incredible and very much addictive! When her most recent album came out this year, I wouldn’t listen to anything else for weeks!!! So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there was a tag based on her, and even more so when Marta @ The Cursed Books tagged me ❤

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