Last Sunday night I decided to watch “Room”, since I’ve also read the book and although the movie is not completely recent, I decided to write my review anyway (I need to practice, right?). And I need to warn you that if you haven’t watched/read “Room”, you need to be careful because there’ll be spoilers here.

I read the book in the beginning of May (from May 01 to 08) and I gave it 3.5 stars. My review can be found on my Goodreads account, but I’ll write it here as well:

“I loved the fact that the story was told by Jack’s perspective, which was new to me, I think that I’ve never read anything before where the person telling the story was a 5-year-old boy. That interested me even more, because it was Jack’s curiosity that made me keep reading. I bet that I wouldn’t want to finish the book if the story was told by Ma (I believe that’s how she’s mentioned in the english version) or any other character. Buuuut Jack was very repetitive, he was always mentioning the same things, which can be normal for a kid, but not so enjoyable for me. And I think that the book could have been shorter.
Nevertheless, I really liked it, and I’m curious about Ma and Jack: if Jack went to school, how they moved on with their lives …”

Since I didn’t love the book, I didn’t have very high expectations for the movie, but it surprised me.

During the first hour of the movie, I felt like I was re-reading the book; it was all very similar. The Room wasn’t exactly what I had in mind: I was thinking about something a bit bigger, but now that I’m thinking about it, how could it be? But Jack and Ma were everything I hoped them to be: Ma just seemed tired of all those seven years in the Room, and she argued with Jack, she insisted with him because of the plan, and it all felt very credible. And Jack was scared, and he was just a five-year-old boy – he acted like that. One thing I loved about Jack was his reactions to the world outside – I didn’t get that feeling with the book and I don’t know how to explain, but he was surprised (of course) and I felt it all along with him (I cried a bit when Jack hugged Ma after the cops find her). Then, with Nick …  I disliked him in the book, but I didn’t care much about him in the movie (he didn’t show up too many times, anyway, and the only time I truly felt something like “okay, this is the Nick I expected” was when he picked up Jack after he ran away from the truck; he was pissed off, but more important, he was scared – that was 100% Nick).

Then, on the second half, the movie started to change. It didn’t seem like a re-read anymore – some scenes were cut and others were mixed. But I liked some of those new scenes even more: like when Jack said he loved Grandma, or when he met Seamus (Leo’s dog) and they played happily together or when Jack made a new friend and they played football. This last one surprised me the most because in the book Jack didn’t want to play with the other kids, so I didn’t expect for him to make a friend so fast.

One tiny detail I absolutely loved about the movie is that we finally get to know Ma’s name (I always felt a bit disappointed when Jack said “Ma’s other name” instead of the name) and the end of the movie was better than the one in the book: actually, I didn’t write that in my book review, but I didn’t like the end of the book. I’ve always thought that the book should end after Ma and Jack visiting the Room for the last time, and the movie pleased my wishes.

Honestly, I didn’t think the movie was the best adaptation ever, and it was a bit flawed, but I enjoyed it more than I did with the book, so I’m giving it a higher rate:




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