MOVIE REVIEW | “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

And we have another movie review becuse I haven’t finished “The Help” yet!!

Anyway, hi guys! How are you? All good? Great!

Today’s post is about “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl“, and since I don’t have much time to write right now (the latest episode of Game of Thrones is waiting for me), I want to keep this as simple as possible (I don’t have that much to say, to be honest).

I watched the movie last friday/saturday (I fell asleep and then I needed to rewatch it) and I spent a good time doing it. But I’d rather be doing something else.

Don’t get me wrong, I LIKED the movie, but I didn’t love it. I feel that the movie is more like a complement to the book, because I’m 100% sure that I wouldn’t fully understand half of it if I hadn’t read the book first. Some details like when the posters on Rachel’s wall “talked” to Greg, that was very awkward in the movie, but I didn’t think that when I read that scene.

Talking about awkwardness, the movie was full of it, which I liked, because, let’s be real, if it is an awkward book, it has to be an awkward movie! Denise was even crazier than what I thought she could be (I loved her, judge me), and same for Mr. McCarthy. Greg and Rachel were “okay” and I liked Earl a bit more.

Greg is always pointing how horrible are their films, but I didn’t think they were THAT bad. I think I went with Rachel on that one: they were cute and made me laugh, so I enjoyed them. I also liked that little cartoon parts (poor squirrel!).

But the movie went really fast! In my opinion, it has lack of detail (I know that adaptations aren’t usually perfect, but I was expecting more).


By the way, I forgot to mention my GoodReads review for the book:

“This was a fun and light read and I definitely enjoyed it, but somehow I think I could have loved it even more. The writing style of the author was interesting, since it had multiple types of writing, and the fact that Greg was the one writing the book made it even more interesting – sometimes, while reading, the way of how the story is told reminded me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
I also really loved the last pages, [spoiler – check out GoodReads to read it].
My favorite part about the book is that it describes friendship (or at least, tries to describe friendship xD), instead of just putting tons of romance, just like most of the books that include cancer do.”

Have you watched the movie? Or read the book? I’ve heard that some people enjoyed the movie more, and I would love to know your opinions.




I just want to add that I’ll probably be very inactive until the end of my exams. My first exam will be this Friday, and then I’ll have two more next week: Wednesday and Thursday. And I need to study .. urgently. I’ll try to keep posting on Instagram, but I can’t promise a new blog post anytime soon. I’m trying to finish “The Help” as soon as possible and, if everything goes as I planned, I’ll finish it this Friday afternoon, right after my Geography exam, and I’ll post my review that day or the next one. Otherwise, I’ll only see you in two weeks.



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