Summer TBR

Hi again!

So recently I posted something like my summer tbr for this year, but it is included in a marathon, so I have to follow the categories, and I also want to read more books besides the ones I mentioned, and that’s why I’m writing right now.

I’ll separate the books I want to read into groups:

Borrowed books

Some of my closest friends are readers as well, sometimes not as crazy as I am, but normal readers, and they have some books I’d love to get my hands on (and they promised they’d lend them to me).

The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune and The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Sempre do teu lado (in english, ‘Always by your side’) by Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez

I am Malala by Malala and Christina Lamb

Marley & I by John Grogan

The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder

Gregor by Suzanne Collins

Series I want to finish 

Right now, I only have “Diaries of a Wimpy Kid” to finish – I have to ask my brother if he lends me the rest of the books!

Start new series

Let’s be honest, I’m more likely to start new series rather than finish them! I have “P.S. I still love you” by Jenny Han and as soon as I get the first book, I’ll read both. I also have “Happily Ever After” by Kiera Cass, but I want to buy “The Heir” and “The Crown” first, so that I can kind of marathon them. But these books are more like a ‘wish’, since I don’t know if I’ll buy them this summer.

But I want to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” from the library, so I can include them here.

And I won’t add more books, because this TBR is already very ambitious! If I get more time, I’ll read more, but I’ll feel happy if I read these and the ones from my #SummerWithCreepy TBR!

What’s in your Summer TBR? 🙂



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