#T5W | Most Unlikable Characters

Hello people!

The last Top 5 Wednesday of the month of July! For those who don’t know, T5W is a weekly meme and you have to name 5 books related to the topic – you can find more details here.

Today’s topic is “Most Unlikable Characters” and you can’t name any villain – this is meant for you to name protagonists or side characters who are very unlikable.

So let’s get started!

My first choice is America Singer, from the Selection series. I actually enjoyed the books – who am I kidding, I loved those things – but I have to admit that America pissed me off a little (tiny) bit sometimes, because she couldn’t decide what she wanted, and she seemed a bit childish. Besides that, I have nothing against her.

Well, I wanted to name Umbridge, but they said “No villains”, so I guess Cho Chang from Harry Potter will do. I just simply can’t like her (as most of the fandom, as it appears). She looks so fake, and she seems to like Harry, but then she likes Cedric, and then she betrays them all and … I can’t even say more reasons!! Everytime I read about her I’m like “Go away!”

Can I name almost every adult character from The Casual Vacancy? Seriously, there’s a lot of messed up people in this book.

Oh Coin, I would have liked you if you weren’t such a bossy bitch sometimes … (Hunger Games, btw).

Yep, Greg from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, simply because although he’s very funny, he’s also very heartless … I mean, what’s the problem about getting actual friends? And would it hurt so much to be nice?

Getting these five characters wasn’t a piece of cake, because all those names vanished from my mind, and I own a big shoutout to my best friend for helping me! Thanks Ness 😛

What are your most unlikable characters? 🙂





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