IMPORTANT | I’ll be out for a few days

Hi guys! So, you probably don’t know, but I’ll be on vacation with my family for the next few days, and I still need to figure out what I’ll do about the blog.

I’ll be out of my country from July 29th to August 10th or 11th, I’m not sure yet, and then, I’ll be camping from August 14th or 15th to August 22nd (again, I’m not sure); and that’s a lot of days without updates!

So, this is what I was planning on doing …


I’m currently writing and scheduling some posts. They’ll only be Top 5 Wednesdays,  my July Wrap Up and maybe even a Tag.  Unfortunately, I won’t have any reviews to post: I’m not sure if I’ll have time to read anything while on vacation out of my country, but I’ll definitely do a lot of reading after the August 11th, and I’ll write down my thoughts about all the books, so you can expect a lot of reviews (hopefully) towards the end of the month.


I won’t post anything while on vacation out of my country (because I have all the apps on my tablet and I won’t bring it with me), but as soon as I come back, I’ll start posting again. I have Wi-fi on the camping park, so I think I’ll be good. However, I’ll try to check my email if it’s possible and I have the Twitter app on my phone, so I’ll also try to update there.

I love the fact that I’m going on vacation, but at the same time, I don’t want to leave all this stuff! But I guess I’ll see you soon 😜



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