Meet Broken by Tânia Dias

Hey guys, how’ve you been? Today I’m bringing you a different kind of post; actually, this is my first time ever doing something like this.

I recently found out about a portuguese book, Broken by Tânia Dias, and after reading the synopsis, I got really interested in it. I talked to Tânia and together, we’ll bring more about her book to you. She kindly gave me an ebook copy of Broken, that I’ll read and review, and more surprises will be on their way.  Unfortunately, the book is only available in portuguese, but I hope that in the future Tânia has more sucess outside our country.

For now, I’ll leave you the synopsis and the book trailer of Broken 🙂

Assuming her leadership role was not in Alexia White’s plans, but when her mother dies in a terrible attack to the castle, she sees herself with no other option. In a world where the weak are distinguished from the strong by the power they possess, Alexia is at the top of the list.

She now needs to learn how to control her gifts if she intends to take back her kingdom from the traitor’s hands.

Meanwhile, Ian Bealfire, a men who radiates arrogance and prepotency from every pore in his body, seems willing to become her Master.

Some say she is destined to save the world, but broken by the losses she endured and haunted by memories of her past, will she really be able to do so, when saving only herself seems like an impossible task?

Can you escape destiny?

Learn more about Broken

Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Goodreads 

And don’t forget to follow Tânia on Goodreads 😉



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