MOVIE REVIEW (more like rambling)| The First Time

My first movie night of September! It actually amazes me how long it took me to watch this. One of my friends recommended it … ONE YEAR AGO!

*wow, I’m so good at this*

*not really*


Okay, so top 5 reasons why you should all watch this movie:

  1. Dylan O’Brien
  2. It’s hilarious
  3. Dylan O’Brien
  4. It’s very cute
  5. Oh, and did I mention … Dylan O’Brien???

Yes, I am  ❤

Going deep in the subject now …

Dylan O’Brien did actually a pretty god job with his character. I loved Dave! Awkward boy with even weird friends, and a crush for the wrong girl. Jane and Dave are just better off as best friends. But Dave was the cutest (okay, the second cutest – first prize definitely goes to his little sister Stella 😍)

And of course we’d have this girl “different from everyone else”, that just happens to have a very messed up relationship with life. I really liked Aubrey was into art, especially as collage is not very mencioned in movies or books, or that’s just me that have never read such a thing.

But hey, getting back to Dave and Aubrey. Are they supposed to like each other? Nope. Do they? Definitely! My only problem with it (and it’s a big problem, for the records) was that this was insta-love. Doesn’t work for me and I can’t usually stand it, and I really wanted to get mad – like, really mad – at this, to actually get something to be mad at, but I couldn’t, because the funny scenes and hilarious lines made up for everything. My friend, when she told me to watch this movie, showed me one specific scene and I thought that, as I had already seen it, it wouldn’t be as funny as it had the first time (see what I did there? 😂 I’m sorry, it’s already 1.30 am, my brain isn’t working correctly – who am I kidding, it isn’t working at all). It was even funnier! And, in general, the movie tries to wrap up everything teen-related, like parties, drinking, friends, relationships, crushes, parents … oh well, the usual.

Can I say again that Stella is the cutest? Because she is 💞

I’m rating this movie with 4 stars; at first I was thinking about 3.5, but then I remembered my favorite two scenes and they made up for the half star.


Again, it’s a bit late, so I’d probably be sleeping by now (this is my excuse for any lack of cohesion in my review!!)




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