BOOK REVIEW | All the Feels by Danika Stone

It’s just great to see more books fandom-related! Before this one, I’ve only read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, but if you think about it a little, it doesn’t feature a lot of fandom situations, only the fangirling part and the fanfiction Cath writes. Only by reading the synopsis of All the Feels, I knew I’d relate to Liv so much more than I did with Cath, and I’m really happy that I got a chance of reading this book! 🙂


Title: All the Feels

Author: Danika Stone

Publisher: Swoon Reads

Number of pages: 336

Language: English

Synopsis (Goodreads):

College freshman Liv is more than just a fangirl: The Starveil movies are her life… So, when her favorite character, Captain Matt Spartan, is killed off at the end of the last movie, Liv Just. Can’t. Deal.

Tired of sitting in her room sobbing, Liv decides to launch an online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life. With the help of her best friend, Xander, actor and steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire, she creates #SpartanSurvived, a campaign to ignite the fandom. But as her online life succeeds beyond her wildest dreams, Liv is forced to balance that with the pressures of school, her mother’s disapproval, and her (mostly nonexistent and entirely traumatic) romantic life. A trip to DragonCon with Xander might be exactly what she needs to figure out what she really wants.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

My Opinion (spoiler-free): 

All the Feels is just great! I mean, a book that features fandom basic situations is already good, but great when it is done like this. 😉

The author managed to make me think all the characters were just like my friends, because I have bookish and non-bookish friends, and both were perfectly pictured here. The writing style made it all very belivable, because we have normal text, description of Liv’s life and all, and we have chats and texts. We have abreviations, such as TBH, and other things I tell my friends all the time! The book is very descriptive too, I could actually believe I was at Dragon Con with Liv and Xander. And all those fandom references! 😍 Every chapter starts with a different quote, but especially on part 2, at the con, we get more details about other fandoms. However, I think I liked part 1 more! That’s where we get to know most of the characters, Liv’s project begins there as well, and all those fandom activities are mentioned, like fanfiction, videos, manips, etc etc.


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Liv is an excellent main character. It was very easy to relate to her; first, because she’s a fangirl, of course, but, second, also because although she’s an introvert, she doesn’t have as much issues talking with people as Cath from Fangirl did. I couldn’t relate that much to Cath because of that – I’m not an introvert at all -, but Liv made things easier for me to love her. The only aspect in what I couldn’t relate to Liv was the fact that she puts fandom before school. I understand that sometimes we don’t really want to study, and I love reading and blogging and I could do this for the rest of my life, but if my grades weren’t very good because of my hobby, I’d need to stop and reconsider my needs. Liv had some problems at college, and even had some arguments with her mom, and I have to admit those were very overwhelming scenes, because her mom puts a lot of pressure over Liv and I think we all already had some of these arguments with our own parents: about school, the amount of time we dedicate to fandom and the “internet friends are not real friends” conversation.

Xander, Liv’s best friend, is also a very interesting and unique character. He has his own style, language and personality and he’s the kind of friend every fangirl wants to have. Although he didn’t care about the movies Liv loved, he helped her with her project to bring Spartan back, just because it would make her happy. But my main reason why I didn’t give this book five full stars is because of Xander as well – I read somewhere else about one of Xander’s peculiarities and I was already thinking about it when I got to this book, and as I don’t want to “put ideas” on you, I’ll leave that on my spoiler section below.

And I don’t think I can say much more without giving any spoilers away. I really really liked this book, it certainly ruined my feels! 😂 It was predictable at times, yes, but still very enjoyable and definitely a light read, so I’d still recommend it 😀



Thank you Danika (for the millionth time!!) for sending me your book! 😀

Book Depository 


Well, All the Feels wasn’t perfect, and my main issue, as mentioned above, was Xander. I had read on another blog (can’t remember which one! 😔) that he makes all those comments about Liv’s body, and when I read the first one, I just thought “yeah, I can deal with this”. Nope, I couldn’t. Because he didn’t make just one, or two, or even three … I think you get the point! 😜 I understand the guy was interested in Liv, and that’s okay if he thinks her body is pretty, but why isn’t there even one reference to her face??? Like, instead of “You’re beautiful”, we have “Your body is delightful”, and those situations happened way too many times for me to ignore.


And as we’re talking about Xander, I think he and Liv would be better off as best friends. Their romance was predictable, and to me, it felt forced. Liv has this huge crush on Xander, and he secretly loves her, but I couldn’t think about them as a couple, despite what Sarah said (probably because of his comments). And maybe that’s why I like part 1 more than part 2: things were just better when Xander had a girlfriend.


Tom was an asshole too, but he apologized, so you’re back to the good list, man!

And what happened to Liv’s mom’s boyfriend? We never got to know how things went for him, but I hope Liv’s mom dumped him!

Now, moving on … the end.

I can’t put into words how happy that end made me! I’m just so so soooo glad that Liv had her own kind of personalized happy ending, and that she was doing what she loved, and it was related to fandom, and she didn’t have any problems with her mom anymore because of her grades 💞

Have you read All the Feels by Danika Stone? If yes, what did you think of it? (careful with spoilers, or please leave a warning in your comment 🙂 )



7 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW | All the Feels by Danika Stone

  1. Kee The Reader says:

    Great review! BTW I read your spoiler because I like reading spoilers lol! I don’t know what to do with myself after I read spoilers. I can’t wait to read it though! I’ve read 4 books from swoon reads so far and really liked them, so I’m definitely looking forward to this!


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