I had just read my best friend’s review for this movie when I suddenly realized I NEEDED to watch it too. And I did it in the same night (even though I had school the next morning, but nevermind), and I loved it! I think Ness did a pretty good job at talking about it, so check out her blog post about “The Intern“.

The plot: Ben just lost his wife and is trying to keep himself busy with multiple activities, and one day he finds this ad about seniors interns and decides to join. After getting selected, Ben and some more interns start working fot About the Fit, an online clothing shop, and Ben is chosen to be Jules Ostin’s (the company’s CEO) assistant. Then, it’s all about Ben helping Jules dealing with both work and personal issues.

My Opinion (spoiler-free):

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, because it has a lot to teach!

It’s an inpirational movie, with totally new concepts. For example, I’ve never watched a movie before where the woman is well-succeed and her husband is a stay-at-home dad. There’s a lot of prejudice around it, and the movie mentions it a lot. The other moms didn’t like Jules because she was the one working, while Matt stayed at home with their daughter, Paige. Feminism is also mentioned, as well as problems in relationships that may result from it. And it shows that sometimes people can regret some things they did, but that they’re eager to change. My favorite part about all this topic is that it makes us believe everything we dream of is possible, as long as we keep fighting and never quit.

The friendship between Ben and Jules is also very adorable. They don’t exactly start the right way, but when Jules realizes Ben is the type of friend she needs in her life, things start to change.

The rest of the characters are fantastic as well! The cast itself is very good, with names such like Anne Hathaway, Robert de Niro, Adam Devine (names I already knew!) and Jojo Kushner (the cutest daughter ever).



Have you watched The Intern? What did you think?





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