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Good morning world!

I hope you have a good Sunday! I know mine will be busy – I’ll entertain myself with school work and my bedroom won’t clean itself, unfortunately 😂

Today I’m bringing you the Peculiar Tag, created by Jesse the Reader and inspired by Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – the movie just came out and I’m beyond excited to watch it! I loved the book (review) and although I already know they changed some things in the movie adaptation, I think I’ll really like it!

I was tagged by Ana @ The Girl Who Reads Books, thank you so much ❤

1.Abandoned house: A book you once abandoned but then gave another chance and ended up enjoying 


Não me contes o fim (something like “Don’t tell me the end”, in english) by Rita Ferro. This book has quite a story behind it! I think I was twelve at the time, it was my birthday and my cousin, who is five years younger than me – so at the time she was seven years old -, arrived, gave me the book and told me “It’s a book about sex“. I bet it was my aunt who told her that! 😂 I tried to read it a few days after that, but I couldn’t put myself to like it, I thought it was boring. Two or three years later, I picked it up again, because I really didn’t want to have unread books on my shelves! It wasn’t my favorite book, but I ended up enjoying, I didn’t rate it at the time, but I’d say 3 or 3,5 stars. And no, it’s not all about sex!

2. Vintage photographs: A book you would have loved to see illustrations in


Lara Jean loves vintage things and I bet she’s the type of girl who would own a Polaroid camera! I’d surely love to see her pictures in the book!

3. Loop: A series you wouldn’t mind reading on loop (back to back to back to back hahaha)


I loved these books, I read them super fast and I’d like to re-read them before jumping into The Heir and The Crown, but where’s the time for that?

4. Peculiar Children: A character’s ability you desire to have for yourself 


I’ll choose Emma – I mean, dealing with fire would be pretty cool!

5. Miss Peregrine: Your favorite character that is a leader



6. Jacob: Your favorite story where a regular kid discovers an extraordinary world


Are you even surprised? hahaha 😂

7. Emma: A fierce and fearless character


Izzy ❤

8. Millard: A book that seems to be invisible but needs to be read by more people


I know that The Book Thief is a well-known book, but I’ve already met a lot of people who haven’t read it yet or have stopped at some point, and I think they should finish it, because it’s really good and one of my favorites 🙂

9. Olive: A book that you bought that floated to the top of your TBR 


I’ll have to answer the same as Jesse, because it’s true: as soon as the book arrived, I started reading it!

10. Hugh: A book that caused a lot of feelings


11. Enoch: Without spoiling, a book character you’d bring back to life 


I doubt there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know who I’m talking about.

12. Bronwyn: A physically strong character 


Quoting everyone from Vampire Academy, “Dimitri is a god”. 😍

13. Hollowgast: A book you read that felt like an experiment gone wrong


I feel like I always answer with this book, but unfortunately it really disappointed me 😦

14. Wights: A book that felt like it had consumed tropes that you’ve seen be done before in other books 

I don’t have any particular book in mind right now, but pretty much almost every YA has the same old clichés: love triangles, sometimes even more than that, the good girl falling in love with the bad guy, etc etc. Tell me which cliché you hate the most! 😛

Now I tag Ness @ Watford Library because she already saw the movie (but has yet to read the book) so welcome to the fandom! And Green @ Green Onion Blog because I know he really liked Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children too! 😀




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