Fall Activities Tag

Hey, guys! Life has been crazy lately, I’ve been trying to catch up on school work at the same time I try not to leave the blog, but as you probably noticed (or not) I didn’t post this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, which means I’m already failing at some stuff. I’m also currently redecorating my room and that takes an awful amount of time of my schedule! Right now, I just want everything to end and go back to normal, otherwise, I don’t see myself getting a lot of reading done this month.

But today I’m bringing you a TAG (I hope it’s a quick one 😛 ) that Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much sent my way. Thank you so much! ❤

Apple Picking

A book on your TBR that looks so delicious you can’t wait to take a bite out of it


I’ve been excited to read this book for months and now that I have it, I can’t wait to start reading it! However, I think I’ll wait until I get the second book so that I can read both, and that might take a few weeks (hopefully just until Christmas).

Corn Maze

A book that’s so fun to get lost in


Rick Riordan books are quite big but I end them really fast because they’re so addictive. The Mark of Athena was the last one I’ve read – I’m currently reading House of Hades. 

Haunted Houses

A book that scared you silly


It isn’t scary like horror (obviously) but this was a bit creepy. The Other Mom is the creepiest thing in this whole book. And this answer fits perfectly with the title of the question! 😂

Pumpkin Patch

The last book you picked up (purchased)

I haven’t bought books in quite some time, so I have no idea when was the last time I bought one. The last time I got a book, though, was a few weeks ago and it was A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (I won it on a giveaway 🙂 ).

Scenic Drives

A book that is lyrically beautiful


Pumpkin Carving

A book you didn’t like and wouldn’t mind carving up


Wouldn’t go as far as carving up this book, but it was a huge disappointment so I wouldn’t really mind getting rid of it.

Drinking Apple Cider

A sweet book to curl up under the covers with


Perfect read for a rainy day inside my bed! ❤

Jumping in a leaf pile

A book that reminds you of your childhood


Cátia answered with a retelling and I’m doing just the same because Aladdin was one of my one thousand favorite stories, and this book gave a nice twist to it.

Scary Movie Night

Your favorite spooky read

I’m not the horror reader at all (or movies, for that matter) so I have no answer except for Coraline.

Bonus! Costume Party

A book with an eclectic cast of characters


I’m going with my current read (House of Hades by Rick Riordan) because I’m out of ideas and also because the Heroes of Olympus series has a pretty good variety of characters.

I won’t tag anyone this time but feel free to answer if you want 😀




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