November Wrap Up

November wasn’t as good as I honestly expected it to be. The weather finally became a lot more like Fall, and now it’s already freezing so – winter is here. That and the fact that I already decorated my Christmas tree were the only great things during this month, because I spent the rest of my time working on school stuff and yet I still feel like I didn’t do anything productive after all. 😦


(I’ve decided to start adding here the books I get from Netgalley as well, as a way for me to keep track of everything I have.)

And these books look great! I’ve already read one, and I’m planning on reading most of them during December … Except for the Blue trilogy, that I’m keeping for January (I can’t get over those amazing covers 😍)



Half of what I read in October! School kept me pretty busy this month.

At least, they were very good books:

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2

The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

I haven’t written my review yet, so I’m not sure about the rate I’m giving it. You should know very soon, though 😉


top 5 publishers

books I want to reread


books by my favorite authors

a book I’m thankful I read

favorite villains


fall activities tag

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liebster award

the sunshine blogger award III


Coraline by Neil Gaiman (review)

Guest Post @ Watford Library – Fantastic November

Guest Post @ Green Onion Blog – Percy Jackson and the Olympians / The Heroes of Olympus (review)

Blog Tour: Weregirl by C.D. Bell (review + author q&a)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (movie review)


I. DON’T. WATCH. HORROR. MOVIES. It completely freaks me out just thinking about watching one. But I went to a birthday party this month and EVERYONE wanted to watch Poltergeist, so I had to watch too: I ended up laughing at the movie – and I was so afraid of being scared 😂 (I don’t want to repeat the experience,tho,  thank you very much). I also finally watched Suicide Squad and She’s the Man – both recommendations from one of my friends. And we watched 13 Days at school.


This is actually something I came up with to keep track of everything I want/need to do next month. Let’s call it my monthly to-do list! 😛

So, first things first, I want to focus on school stuff: I still have two more weeks of classes and that includes one test and three oral presentations that I’m really not looking forward to.

But after that – my freedom!! For a few days, at least. I want to keep myself busy, by catching up on some tv shows, watching a couple of movies I’ve been wanting to watch for quite some time and of course, reading. I’m going to join a Portuguese Christmas reading marathon, that actually starts tomorrow, and there’s other Xmas marathon I wanted to join – but I need to see if I can read the same books for both marathons. I really want to read A LOT this month ( = try to beat my record of this year, more or less 10 books) because I don’t want to feel stressful after Christmas – I can sense my TBR growing larger already!!

I also want to blog more, I’ve been quite inactive this month because of school, so I’ll try to post more, comment more and take more pics for Instagram!!

And, finally, I want to finish redecorating my room – I’m painting my bookshelves all white (they are white & red) and I’ve only painted one of them (that I still need to hang on the wall) so I want to take care of that, as well of other little things – I’ll probably keep you updated through twitter haha

How was your November? 😀



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