The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

Today I’m in such a rush!! Between studying for my Portuguese test, doing the actual test and getting ready for my Portuguese oral presentation tomorrow, I have no time to breathe! Fortunately, I still have the “catching up with blog posts” excuse to stop everything for a little bit and bring you my review for “The Blazing Star” 🙂


Title: The Blazing Star

Author: Imani Josey

Publisher: Wise Ink

Number of pages: 239

Language: Englishsynopis

Sixteen-year-old Portia White is used to being overlooked—after all, her twin sister Alex is a literal genius.

But when Portia holds an Egyptian scarab beetle during history class, she takes center stage in a way she never expected: she faints. Upon waking, she is stronger, faster, and braver than before. And when she accidentally touches the scarab again?

She wakes up in ancient Egypt—her sister and an unwitting freshman in tow.


Mysterious and beautiful, Egypt is more than they could have ever imagined from their days in the classroom. History comes alive as the three teens realize that getting back to the present will be the most difficult thing they’ve ever done. Stalked by vicious monsters called Scorpions, every step in the right direction means a step closer to danger.

As Portia and the girls discover that they’re linked to the past by more than just chance, they have to decide what it truly means to be yourself, to love your sister, and to find your way home.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 



All spoilers are hidden

I was so so soooo excited about this book! First, the cover is amazing! Second, everyone else was excited about it too – and it’d be a first time I read an arc at around the same time as other bloggers. But it didn’t reach my expectations 😦

This was gods and goddesses, myths and legends, and very old magic

It was this quote, the cover and the promise of diversity that got my attention!! But they led me quite wrong, unfortunately.

The first chapters weren’t very bad, they were actually enjoyable, and meeting Portia and Alex’s dad was amazing, he’s very funny and made pretty good jokes – his relationship with his  daughters, at least with Portia, was very light. And talking about family, I loved that Selene’s most important member of hers was her grandmother, we don’t see that every day in books.

It was also in the first chapters that we get to know a little bit more about the twins – I thought I’d completely love Portia for standing up against the girls bothering Selene, but later I changed my mind about her, and it is also said that her relationship with her sister isn’t the best; she always felt like the second choice, the spare, while Alex was incredibly smart. The reason why I changed my mind about loving Portia, by the way, was because, later in the story, she meets this girl and then suddenly they’re besties and Portia is always comparing her to Alex – and that bothered me way too much, quite frankly, because Portia was all about finding Alex as soon as she found out that both of them were in that new world and then she treats her this way.

I feel that all the main characters (Portia, Alex, and Selene) could have been better used, to be honest.

<spoiler> All three of them got stuck in Egypt and that’s probably going to be needed for the next books because I think this story will eventually change their relationship, as they grew up with the new experiences, but for now, I feel this would have been better as Portia’s story only. The story contains magic, and both Portia and Selene have pretty cool powers, but what about Alex? Is her knowledge her power? Because that’s pretty boring, I’m sorry! Every time she answered some question about the Egypt and then said “oh, I don’t know why I know this, the answers just come” the only thing that came to my mind was that she could have learned that in books, as she’s so smart! <end of spoiler>

I believe that if Alex didn’t show up in this book, Portia and Selene could have still done everything they did, the plot wouldn’t have a lot of changes and the end would have remained untouched – and the cliffhanger would have been even better!! And in the next book, Alex would be different and there would have been more space to work on their development as twins.

The romance didn’t buy me either. I just couldn’t understand how could Portia spend so much of her time thinking about a soldier with whom she spent so little time with. And then, honestly, that plot twist was a bit predictable. After that, there were some cute and funny moments, I certainly had a good time reading about it, but everything happened so fast that it felt a little off for me.

Finally, the whole reading experience wasn’t the best. The writing was easy to follow but there were many different names that I just couldn’t keep up with it – I found myself lost quite often (a glossary and a map could have been useful). I also think that it lacked in the world description: it might be my bad memory, but I don’t recall reading about places descriptions that much. And I was expecting to learn more about Egyptian mythology than what was given.


This book came out today! You can buy it through

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Have you read The Blazing Star? What are your thoughts about it? 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

    • Marta says:

      Yeah, I’ve been reading reviews too and I feel really sad that a lot of people aren’t enjoying this. But there’s certainly a lot here that I’d love to see how it turns out in the next book! You should still give it a try – who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it more than I did. I’ll be waiting for your review, if you end up reading it. 😊 thank you so much 💖

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