Blue by Lisa Glass


Title: Blue

(Blue, #1)

Author: Lisa Glass

Publisher: Quercus Books

Page Count: 375

Language: English



Surfing is sixteen-year-old Iris’s world, and when the ultra-talented Zeke walks into her life, it soon becomes her passion.

Over one amazing summer, as she is drawn into his sphere, she experiences love, new friendships, but also loss, with an intensity she never dreamed of.

But is Zeke all he seems? What hides beneath his glamorous and mysterious past? When Iris decides to try for her own surfing success, just as her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, she will test her talent, and her feelings for Zeke, to the limit…

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 



Let me be completely honest with you guys: if I had seen this book at a bookstore, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it. Maybe, maybe, if I ended up picking it up and read the synopsis, I would have added to my to-buy list. And all because of that cover – 1) I don’t generally like people on covers, but most importantly, 2) the sentence “Can one boy change your world?” doesn’t usually convince me. I’m so grateful for Filipe’s good thoughts about this series (check his channel here) because he made me read this book and I really liked it – so if you’ve been putting this off for the same reason, it’s definitely worth a try 😛

Our main character, Iris, is a surfer, but without that, she could have been anything that another random 16-year-old teenager is, because she seemed so real. She occasionally had figure issues and lack of confidence in herself, but not the enough amount to make you think she was just one more annoying girl. She lives her life the way she pretty much wants to, drinking underage for example, without caring about not being the “perfect teenager”. But she’s not reckless – she’s aware of the consequences, and she’s responsible.

It took me a bit to get used to Zeke, because he’s so different from other male characters I’ve read about, starting with his appearance – but his positivity eventually won me over. It was refreshing to read about him. He had gone through stuff that you don’t expect an 18-year-old boy to experience, and he dealt with it the best he could. He had his priorities straight, but you could see that he just wanted to be a normal guy.

That’s why they eventually became so close. Iris had a huge crush on Zeke, but I won’t call it insta love, because it didn’t feel like it. Events went at their own pace. However, I think that things went a little fast after. Considering the way she felt about her ex-boyfriend and everything that had happened between them, I wouldn’t have placed one specific scene where it was – but I’m totally okay with it.

There were other things happening besides the main plot, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by them, because they were really well placed. They were mainly about hard situations in life that sometimes teenagers have to deal with, but it was all really well approached. There was also the ex-boyfriend thing: I don’t believe that I’m about to say this, but I actually understand why Iris liked Daniel. I mean, he was funny and nice to her, and the way she talks about him makes me think their relationship was great, but he was problematic and toxic, and I’m glad Iris realized that.

A character that I definitely have to give a shoutout to is Kelly. She’s amazing: fun to be around and she’ll always have Iris’ back. There was one part in the book where I swear I could see a typical chat between my own friends and myself. 😂

Lisa Glass’ writing was really good, and I loved the dialogues she created. Most of them made me laugh really hard!! 😂 Her writing and description kept me interested: for someone who has never practiced surf in her life, the descriptions were really helpful! I also think she manipulated very well my feelings as a reader: I’d like/hate the same characters as Iris, and don’t even get me started on something that happened here (I almost believed it truly happened).

“And anyway, bad surf was the best teacher. You learned to make the most of what you got. You learned patience.”

I was already expecting something similar to what happened in the last chapters – I wouldn’t have accepted it any other way 😂 So, even though it was a bit predictable, I’m really happy with the end 🙂

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Have you read Blue? If yes, what did you think about it? 🙂



7 thoughts on “Blue by Lisa Glass

  1. Azia says:

    LOL, I agree with you about that cover. Usually I would avoid a book with a cover like that as if it were the plague. But I’m so glad that you enjoyed it much more than expected. I love it when authors manage to catch the lifestyles of a teen and make it seem realistic to the readers. I’m also grateful it wasn’t too much of an instant love connection. Lord knows I’ve had just about enough of that. This sounds like a cute summer read. I think I’ll add it to my TBR. Great review, Marta! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      Thank you so much, Azia! ❤
      Yeah, it was really great! Even though I wouldn't buy this book for this cover, I'd totally do it for the next volumes, because Air and Ride have such amazing covers ❤
      And this is probably one of the few books that I think I'll certainly re-read in a couple of years, next time maybe during summer haha
      I'd love to know your opinion if you end up reading it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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