Underrated Books I Think You Should Give a Try

Hello everyone! How’s it going? 🙂 I know I haven’t been very active lately but I’m finally getting my stuff together and I’ve found my way back to being organized again, so hopefully this won’t happen anytime soon. It feels good to write again, instead of just posting pre-written posts 😀

Today I’m posting my first Top 5 Wednesday of the year! I’ve decided that from now on, I won’t post memes every week, but instead, I’ll choose a couple of them and do one every once in a while. Today’s theme seemed pretty good, and so I’m here with some recommendations 🙂

This is my top 5 of Underrated Books I Think You Should Give a Try:


By now, it should be no surprise that I really enjoyed this series. I read the whole trilogy back in December and I read them really fast. It has its flaws, especially when it comes to the pace and the romance, but there’s character development throughout the three books and we actually see things improving. It kept me entertained, and I found Bree an excellent main character. My favorite character, though, was Aleta, and I can’t decide about my favorite book: I really liked the second and third books for different reasons!

Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Goodreads Average Rate: 3.84 | My Rate: 3,5

 My Review



This is one of the two fandom-related books I’ve ever read and I liked it so so much! Liv was a character we all could relate to – I bet a lot of you have already read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel: Cath writes fanfiction, remember? Well, Liv doesn’t specifically write fanfiction, but she reads it, so it means someone else does. All the Feels covers so many more aspects of the average fangirl’s life: the stress of balancing fandom and life, the parents’ pressure, the conventions, online friendships … Also, the writing was very refreshing and it has texts and chats between rather large descriptions, so it’s so easy and quick to read.

All the Feels by Danika Stone

Goodreads Average Rate: 3.63 | My Rate: 4

 My Review 



A few months ago I was so excited about this book, because I was organizing my post for the blog tour and I couldn’t contain my joy 😛 Weregirl was, again, a very entertaining read, and I found myself enjoying every bit of it. The plot was kinda predictable, but I could forgive that. My favorite part was reading about Nessa and Bree’s friendship.

Weregirl by C.D. Bell

Goodreads Average Rate: 3.72 | My Rate: 4

My Review 



I didn’t jump into this book with very high expectations, but it turned out to be very good. Hannah was a realistic 14-year-old main character, who misses her father dearly and then sees herself stuck in an adventure with him! There’s a lot of Aladdin references, and it was very nice to read a book set in Iraq. The plot is simple, but full of adventure and magic, so one could easily read this in only a couple of days.

The Ugly Teapot by Fred Holmes

Goodreads Average Rate: 3.94 | My Rate: 4

My Review 




I’ve recently finished reading this book, as well as the second one in the trilogy (currently making my way through the last one) and I find this series really enjoyable. It’s the perfect summer read (why am I reading this in the middle of the winter, I have no idea – but half of the world is enjoying summer right now, so I have an excuse) because it’s full of teenage romance, surf and good vibes. You could easily only read this book and be satisfied, without feeling the need of reading the next books, but they’re so addictive you want to know what happens to the characters. Huge shoutout for the female friendship representation: the dialogues between Iris and Kelly seemed like the usual chats I have with my friends, and there’s another female character that ended up winning me over.

Blue by Lisa Glass

Goodreads Average Rate: 3.89 | My Rate: 4.5

My Review

And those are my 5 recommendations! I’m not one to read a lot of underrated books, I usually go for books that a lot of people recommend and that I think I’ll enjoy, and because of that I read a lot of popular books. That’s something I’d like to change, so maybe in the future I’ll be able to write another post with 5 more 🙂

Have you read any of these books?



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