A Thousand Salt Kisses Later by Josie Demuth

Hello everyone! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been a bit inactive lately. I haven’t posted here or on instagram (which I should have), I haven’t caught up with other blog posts or comments and I rarely checked social media. That’s because this past week has been crazy, and I don’t expect the next two to be any different – with all the school work I’ve had to do, it’s a miracle I still find time to read! (For the records, I don’t. I just have to sacrifice my time for other things in order to find time to read.)

Today I’m sharing with you a post I wrote some time ago, and sadly, it’s a review of a book that I didn’t like that much. I haven’t read any mermaid book besides A Thousand Salt Kisses, and now, its sequel, A Thousand Salt Kisses Later – I actually found the titles a bit odd, but by reading this second book, I understood it. Unfortunately, they didn’t live up to my expectations.



Title: A Thousand Salt Kisses Later

(A Thousand Salt Kisses, #2)

Author: Josie Demuth

Publisher: Wise Ink

Pages: 272

Language: English



The spellbinding sequel to A Thousand Salt Kisses.
Four years ago, Crystal White fell in love with Llyr, a prince of the magical mer colony living off the coast of Starfish Island. For one summer, he enchanted her with stories of jeweled palaces and underwater gardens, but then he left, returning beneath the waves with her heart in tow.
Now, graduated and with no job in sight, Crystal is forced to go back to the island she thought she had left in the past. By the sea again, she realizes she is far from over her first love, and when an opportunity arises to contact the merfolk, Crystal can’t resist.
Once more with the mer, Crystal is forced to come to terms with the fact that Llyr has moved on, and also with her own magical secret that has endangered her life, his throne, and every mer kingdom. Working against all odds, she has to try to save the people she has come to love and—if she can—rekindle the romance of her first summer on Starfish Island.


I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 



“Allow me to get this straight: I didn’t hate the book, but this is just a bunch of clichés altogether.”

Sounds familiar? If the answer is yes, here’s why: that’s exactly how I started writing my review for the first book, A Thousand Salt Kisses.

Apparently, nothing has changed. I found myself reading the book in only a few days, because it really was addictive and I wanted to know what would happen (if anything would improve). Some things definitely improved, okay, but I thought that reading from Crystal’s perspective, now that she was older, would be different (not really). I was disappointed, and here’s why:

  • Diversity was included, but I thought it was stereotyped 
  • Crystal was more childish than ever, still making comments about people’s appearances and then saying that personality is what matters (*sigh*)
  • LOVE TRIANGLE – need I say more? (plus, she ended up with the guy I didn’t like anymore)
  • The Bad Boy stereotype – not what bothered me the most, but still
  • They had a lot of problems, and yet they wouldn’t take the situation seriously. They would party almost every day, drinking a lot and there would be no consequences, passing this message that drinking excessively is okay (???)
  • I wasn’t a big fan of the plot twist, and by 50% of the book, I could already predict most things that would happen

I’m pretty sure there are more things I could add to that list, but I didn’t take a lot of notes, so I probably just forgot them. I did write this down, though; at this point, I was already fed up with the girl:

Crystal:“I took a sneaky peek at his lovely huge muscular arms. They are really sooo hot.”

Marta: “Crystal pls stop”

The good thing is basically the fact that the characters were mainly merpeople in this book, which was AMAZING, because I’ve been wanting to know more about them. There’s not much, but we learned about their kingdoms, fashion, culture (BUT CRYSTAL AND OTHER MERPEOPLE HAD SOME REALLY DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDE TOWARDS IT AND I CAN’T FORGIVE IT, LIKE CAN SOMEONE TAKE WHAT’S GOING ON SERIOUSLY, please and thank you).

As you can guess, the good thing can’t make up for the bad things, so I’m rating this book even lower than the first one:





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