Immer by Denise McFarland


Title: Immer

Author: Denise McFarland

Number of Pages: 430

Language: English



The world has evolved. Fairies exist and have the power to heal. Vampires are real and aren’t to be trusted. Wolves have revealed their ability to shift into human form.

Will Jaxon is both man and wolf. He is the Alpha of his community’s Wolf Force, the agency that provides security and protection for all mankind. In addition to his role as the head of his pack, Will has been working undercover to infiltrate an illegal drug organization that is trafficking women. When Will is coerced to take the lead in an abduction, he agrees in order to preserve his cover. But one look into the terrified, green eyes of the woman he attacks, leaves him powerless to continue.

As Rayne Daniels stares into the face of the man restraining her, she sees a shift, for a fraction of a second he changes and his true form is revealed. She realizes he is a wolf, a protector, and almost before she knows what is happening, he releases her. Rayne escapes physically, but emotionally she continues to be haunted, held prisoner by the trauma of that night.

When Will discovers that members of the organization are still looking for Rayne, his entire world is altered. Now, Will spends his days undercover and every other free moment keeping Rayne safe, because her survival has become critical to him in a way that he cannot explain.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 



Immer was, overall, a good story. Very entertaining, it had a nice idea behind it. The beginning and a bit of the middle of the book were a little repetitive, and the beginning was also (very) slow-paced, but it picks up eventually.

The world, according to the synopsis, seems incredible. Fairies who can heal, vampires, and wolves as their police. They all exist and people know about them. It’s an interesting idea, and who wouldn’t want to live in a fantasy world like this? I know I would. I’m just a little disappointed that we didn’t get to know more about it. The story is mainly focused on wolves. Fairies make a small appearance towards the end and we just hear about vampires, nothing more. I’d have loved to see more of this world, how it works and everything! The writing, too, made it look like we, readers, need to be told everything that’s going on, and that kind of felt like too much at times.

The world development I was hoping for was left behind to leave space for the romance. I loved the concept of Immer (as the feeling, not the title 😛 ), but Rayne and Will really got on my nerves! They admitted, several times actually, what they felt towards each other … just not to each other, but to themselves, and I’d be pissed off that they wouldn’t just get together for once. They would have “moments”, as they called them, and still nothing. The author really did a good job here, building up the tension, but after a while, I just wanted them to end that and be together as they knew they would eventually. The good thing out of this was Autumn: she’d tease them, especially Will, about their feelings, and I loved every second of this, because I could see myself doing the same thing. 😂

I felt that Rayne was a very realistic character. She wasn’t ready to get back to her normal life after being attacked, she was afraid, and she felt fear for a very long time. She worked her way out of her fear, though, with time and patience. She seemed like an actual human being.

Some plot twists, in the end, were predictable, but they didn’t make the story less enjoyable. Immer could please other people more than it did me, but I guess the story wasn’t exactly for me, due to little clichés here and there. 


Have you read Immer? What did you think of it? 🙂




3 thoughts on “Immer by Denise McFarland

  1. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Oh I’m sorry the plot’s execution felt short… It really does sound like an awesome premise! I love all things wolves, faeries and vampires, and to have them come together in one book is so cool!
    I don’t mind that the focus is almost entirely on wolves but I agree that it would have been even better to get more info on the other species as well. Also, I’m a huge fan of the slow burning romance but this one seems to stretch it a bit too much even for me hahaha
    Great review, Marta! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      Yeah, the slow burn romance really got on my nerves, but kinda in a good way. It made want to know when those two would get together 😛 I don’t mind the wolves either, but I feel that I’ve read so much already about wolves, I wanted to know a bit more about other creatures and how they deal with people in the future (?) knowing about them … It’d be pretty cool. Thanks Sophie! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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