Totally Should Have Tag

Look who’s being responsible and is going through her pile of undone tags 😛 And after this, I’ll read posts that I’ve missed during the past days. Who am I and why am I feeling so productive today? 😂

Anyway, the Totally Should Have Tag is one that I used to see so much (but so so much) here, but never got around to do it, even though I was tagged by Joana @ Bookneeders almost four months ago. (oops?). Well, here it is at last! Let’s get started!

Totally Should Have Gotten a sequel

The Host by Stephanie Meyer! I mean, we were kinda promised one …??? I’m not sure, all I know is that I loved that book and that I was so excited for more!

totally should have gotten a spin-off series

Can I get one focused on Cassian and Nesta? Pleeeeeease?


an author that totally should write more books

I was looking for an author that only has one book published, but turns out everyone I wanted to mention has more, I just didn’t know about them 😂Anyways, I’ll keep my original answer, which is Jen Wilde, author of Queens of Geek. She should definitely write more books related to fandoms! ^^

a character that totally should have ended up with someone else

I’m looking at my bookshelves and I really can’t come up with an answer. It’s either because I like the canon couples or because I have a terrible memory (probably the latter).

totally should’ve ended differently



totally should’ve had a movie franchise

I think The Selection series would work really well as a movie!

totally should’ve had one point of view

hmmm, no answer! I like different points of view. They usually only have between 2-3 points of view, so it’s bearable, and I love the Percy Jackson world way too much to care about 7 POVs.

totally should’ve had a cover change


The Portuguese cover of Vampire Academy is so … eh. Not that the original covers are beautiful, but they’re slightly better (the new cover of the 10th-anniversary edition is cute, tho).

totally should’ve kept the original cover

Again, not that there is a huge difference, but I’m not a big fan of the Percy Jackson Portuguese covers. The examples above are The Mark of Athena and The Blood of Olympus.

totally should’ve stopped at book one

I never expected to enjoy Just One Day by Gayle Forman as much as I did, but then Just One Year was a waste of time. It didn’t add a lot new, and a few chapters in the boy’s POV in the end of book 1 (maybe as an extra?) would have done the job. And, of course, two books and we still don’t have an ending (I’ll probably never get to it).

Seems that this is the end! Now I tag Tinka @ The Crazy Reader / Jessi @ bibliojessi  / Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm. Just ignore this if you’ve done this tag already, and I’m sorry!

Which books would you include in your answers? Let’s chat! ^^




21 thoughts on “Totally Should Have Tag

  1. Azia says:

    Great picks! i definitely agree that The Host should have gotten a sequel. We’ve been waiting for it for so long haha. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen at this point. I’m sure we’ll be getting spinoffs for the ACOTAR trilogy. We all need to know what happens to the Inner Circle, particularly Cassian and Nesta 😉 I might not like The Selection series, but I can definitely see them as movies! And agreed about the Vampire Academy series. The original US covers for them were crap and the new ones are better but are still kind of…eh. LOL XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      I don’t know when The Host was published, I’ve only read it last year, but there are so many rumours! I think we need a miracle for it to happen haha Now that the next ACOTAR books won’t be about them, I definitely need those spin-offs! 😛 The Selection might not be the best book out there, but it’s so addictive! I think it’d be a good movie, if they don’t mess up, that is. I’ve also heard there were plans for making it, but I haven’t heard much since! :/ It’s a pity they don’t have better covers, I loved the first book and I’m very excited in reading the next ones, but those covers.. ugh 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Azia says:

        The Host was published about 9 or 10 years ago. Oh my god….that’s so long ago LOL. But the second book was supposed to be called The Seeker but if it hasn’t happened by now, I think we can stop waiting on it haha. I’ll admit The Selection was pretty addictive. I still read the first book even though I knew it wasn’t all that good. I’d go watch the movies though if there IS a chance they’ll be adapted. I loved the series. I thought it got better with each book! Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them 😀

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      • Marta says:

        9 or 10 years ago? woah xD yeah, you’re right, we’re probably not getting the sequel, but a girl can dream 😛 I think there were plans to turn the selection series into movies, but I haven’t heard /read anything again about it …
        Thanks! I’ve already read so many spoilers of VA, but I’m excited to read them haha

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      • Azia says:

        Yes, yes we can. I still have a sliver of hope for it, though LOL. Maybe they’ll still go through with those movies now that the series is completely done. Who knows?
        Happy reading! ❤

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    • Marta says:

      I know, right? I know that Rhys and Feyre are more or less okay, but I want to know about the rest of the Inner Circle xD
      I don’t think we’ll be getting that sequel any time soon :/


  2. Elena says:

    I’ve never actually given in much thought, but I never realized how much I’d actually like to have a sequel to The Host. The book actually deserves a sequel, whoa. My mind is kind of blown? But, moving on. I NEED A SPINOFF FOR CASSIAN AND NESTA I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS I WILL GO DOWN WITH NESSIAN. Lord help me, I love those two so much. And we’ve been promised some spin offs, so I’m going to sit here and pray for them as much as I can! I agree with you 100% when it comes to Allegiant and even the Percy Jackson covers. I find that I never like international versions when compared to the US ones!

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    • Marta says:

      I read The Host because everyone kept saying it was so much better than Twilight (even tho I liked Twilight) but I was surprised with how much I actually enjoyed that book! And I feel that there’s enough story to create a second book, if nothing more … 😦
      AND I’LL GO DOWN WITH YOU!! haha Honestly, I feel that everyone hates Nesta ?? I don’t know, I buddy read the books with a group of friends, and most of them (if not all) weren’t her fans. I understand and have to admit that sometimes she’s moody, but I love her xD What about Elain? I ship her with Azriel, there’s nothing anyone can tell me that will change my mind 😛
      Yeah, those covers make me so upset, because they’re the first impression we have of a book, and we’d want them as pretty and amazing as possible!

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      • Elena says:

        I actually read the Host because I had nothing else to read at the time since I was staying at my grandparent’s house. I too was surprised by how much I actually seemed to enjoy it! If a sequel never comes, I wouldn’t be hurt about it, but I’d definitely like to see where the story could go.
        YES PLEASE! I mean, I also didn’t like Nesta at first, but the more I’ve delved into the series, the more I realized that perhaps her coldeness is a strength? Honestly, I just need a spinoff revolving around her to decide just how much I like her as a character. I think everyone in this fandom really needs that because, after Tamlin, she’s the next character the fandom can’t seem to agree on. I adore Elain and yes, I do ship her with Azriel. As much as I love Lucien, Elriel… That’s how it has to go down, haha

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      • Marta says:

        YES YES YES!! haha That’s why we need more books, we just need answers, SJM can’t expect us to figure it out ourselves … I mean, we could, that’s why fanfiction exists, but we need to know what happens in canon! 😛
        I don’t think we will get the sequel, it has been too long since the first book was published. But, just like you, I won’t be bothered because of it :/

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      • Elena says:

        I’m so glad you see where I’m coming from! I couldn’t have said it better myself. As much as I love reading the fanfictions and whatnot, I need to know what’s going on in SJM’s head! I want to know what she has had Nesta thinking all these years! I NEED THE SOURCE MATERIAL!
        Honestly, I’m not too upset over not getting a sequel. The “first book” had a good ending and ties the situation up well enough so I’m not too heartbroken over it

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  3. Joana @ Bookneeders says:

    Wow… I never saw the PT cover of Vampire Academy x) Do not like it.
    Hahaha I waited so long to read Convergente that I didn’t care about anything anymore when I read it 😛 I love the first two books tho x)
    Cassian and Nesta!! YES PLEASE! 😍 I NEED that!
    I think The Selection is getting some movie… although there’s no date? I’m not sure but I do hope they do one!!
    I actually really enjoyed The Host as a movie… I never read the book although if it gets a sequel I intend to pick it up because I really liked the idea but it just stopped for no reason O.o

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      There’s always hope, but I don’t think we’ll ever get a sequel for The Host 😦 I’m not very sad about that, tho, but I DO NEED MORE BOOKS ABOUT CASSIAN AND NESTA ❤
      I've heard about a possible movie too, but I haven't heard about dates or anything else either. I hope they don't just throw it away.
      Divergent was the only book I really loved out of the three. I read the trilogy one book after the other and so I was pretty into it, and I liked them, but now I have to admit they're not really that good haha The end of Allegiant still hit me hard, tho 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joana @ Bookneeders says:

        YES! I love them together!! 😍 Wow I didn’t know! I hope they get to it and its actually a good movie x)
        I think a lot of books I read way to long ago I initially liked them super much and now I am not really sure about it and I think they are not that great anymore… Maybe because I din’t have so many books to compare them to… I still like them but I don’t think I will reread them any time soon 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • Marta says:

        Same! 😛 A few years ago I was already really into reading, but I didn’t buy as many books because I used to read in Portuguese, and so I’d re-read the same ones over and over again. That’s probably what made me love them so much, but now that I’ve read other works, I can admit I wouldn’t like them now. :/


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