The Summer Book Tag

The weather has been great here lately, but today it’s grey outside. It doesn’t look like Summer at all, which reminds me we’re almost done with August. I kinda want September to come, because I’m excited to start using my new planner, and the Book Fair in my city is getting closer. However, Uni also starts in September, and I’m both terrified and excited for that! 😛

Today I’m posting The Summer Book Tag, to enjoy the last days xD Thank you, Mariana @ paperbackwriter, for tagging me ❤



1 – A book cover that reminds you of summer?


2 – which book has illuminated your day?



3 – a book with a yellow cover


4 – your favourite “beach read”


This year I’ve read most of Keep the Faith at the beach and it was great, it was a light read, exactly what I needed at the time (after reading so much Fantasy). What book did you bring with you last time you went to the beach? 🙂

5 – which book of “action” has made you run to the ice cream man?


There are quite a few books whose plots have hooked me, but since ice cream is supposed to be sweet, I chose The One. I wasn’t sure if this book was meant for this question, the word “action” was quite tricky, but since Mariana answered with a contemporary, I guess I’m fine.

6 – (solar burn) what book ended badly/painfully?


The entire book was painful to read. I had way too many problems with it!

7 – (sunset) what book left you happy when you closed it?


8 – what cover reminds you of the sun?

Resultado de imagem para i'll give you the sun

I haven’t read it, but this cover is really pretty and it clearly reminds me of the sun! 😛

9 – what book/series do you pretend to read this summer?

Since, for me, Summer unofficially ends when August does, I can’t compromise. I really wish I could finish The Lunar Chronicles, but that’s not happening. Instead, I want to at least read The Hate U Give and Ransom, which are the two books I was planning on reading this week.

Let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts! (even though I’m dying for cooler weather) I now tag Eliana @ High Lady’s Library  / Tinka @ The Crazy Reader / Alex @ Whimsy Pages 😀




6 thoughts on “The Summer Book Tag

  1. the crazy reader says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this tag when it’s still summer though. I have a lot of tags and awards posts to catch up with (since I am a professional procrastinator). I also hope we’ll be able to finish the Lunar Chronicles soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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