Chimera by C. D. Bell

Hello, book nerds, and happy Saturday! 😀

Today I’m bringing you my review of Chimera by C. D. Bell. This book is the sequel of Weregirl, by the same author; and last year I shared with you a very special post featuring that book, my review and a Q&A with the author. In it, details about this sequel were shared and I was excited to see what it had to offer. If you want to read that post, check here.




Title: Chimera

Author: C. D. Bell

Publisher: Chooseco

Number of Pages: 400

Language: English






it contains spoilers of the first book, be careful!

The forest is full of secrets.

Nessa Kurland is adjusting to life as a weregirl—she is transforming with ease and running with a pack she cares for deeply. Her boyfriend Luc is a fellow shifter, and Paravida, the corporation responsible for unethical genetic experiments on the residents of Tether, has pulled out of town, leaving the community safe.

But that’s just how it appears on the surface.

Nessa returns home from a run with the pack to find an FBI raid and the shocking news that her mother Vivian is being held without bail for violations so serious she may be facing life in prison. What did Nessa’s mother, a small-town vet tech, do to threaten Homeland Security? Vivian’s secret past leads Nessa to discover there is more to her own story than she ever imagined.

The wolves that are running through Tether’s woods are not the same pack Nessa knew before. These are not all natural wolves. And they are breeding.

Nessa’s transformation is only just beginning.

In CHIMERA, the second installment in the Weregirl trilogy, Nessa confronts the truth of who she is, where she comes from, and what she has to do to survive.

I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.




Last year, Weregirl was such a really nice surprise, and I’m glad I enjoyed Chimera as well, but I might seem pickier this time around.

I was afraid I would be lost in the beginning of the book, as I have forgotten some details of the plot of the first book. That didn’t occur, though, because Nessa, our protagonist, made sure to do a quick recap of what had happened. That part might be boring and repetitive for someone who picks up the sequel right after the first book, but it was a nice addition in my point of view.

What this recap doesn’t cover, however, is the gap between the end of Weregirl and the beginning of Chimera. This fact wouldn’t have bothered me as much if only there were given more details about the love interest and the relationship in this book. Like I mentioned at the end of my review of Weregirl, I had my suspicions, and they turned out to be right. But there’s no development, and that kind of put me off. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like the two characters together. In fact, I did. As undeveloped as it was, I thought they were a nice couple. They’re friends, mostly, and that was important. The romance didn’t take much space in the plot and they weren’t cringy at all. They’re teenagers, after all, and so it didn’t appear to be serious. It was nice to see a change!

This gap also made me slightly confused and it appears to create some plot holes. There are some characters that just suddenly disappear, and that only made me think that were sent away of Chimera because they didn’t fit into this new plot. And the mix between fantasy and reality (school, gossip, friendship, track running, …) was a bit lost. :/

But, to compensate for all this, the plot of Chimera was more interesting to read about. Just as the author had promised (she mentioned it in the Q&A), there’s more action and we get to learn a lot about genetic science. That was pretty cool.

Nessa, as a protagonist, surprised once more. She doesn’t wait around for anyone to get solutions for her problems, taking the matters into her own hands. She’s brave and determined, even when things don’t happen her way. However, we must never forget she’s still a seventeen-year-old girl. She’s a teenager, and she made it look like that. She knows she can’t take the world on her own, she relies on adults sometimes, she doesn’t know everything, she wants everything to work out fine and she wants to believe in some stuff so badly that she does, even when she shouldn’t. I couldn’t understand some decisions she took, and reactions she had, but I guess it was all part of the plan. Nessa, as a teenager, felt real.

The only other character I feel the need to mention is Bree, Nessa’s best friend. In the first book, she was one of my favourite characters. She was a bit crazy, but a loyal friend. She’d help Nessa in her dangerous adventures, and at the same time, be a gossip-lover teenager. I had a lot of fun reading about her! In this book, however, we see a new version of her. She’s calmer and more reserved, but she’s still a good friend for Nessa. I liked that, and I don’t feel she has lost most of her personality, especially because she still adores school gossip ( 😛 ), it’s just that I missed seeing the two of them together on adventures. 😦

Finally, the end of Chimera left me a bit disappointed. While some scenes in the middle of the book felt like they were dragged for too long, the end was wrapped up pretty quickly. The writing in the last chapters was definitely rushed, and it made a contrast with the slow/medium pace the rest of the plot kept, with its detailed writing style (which, again, was a positive aspect; the detail of the author’s writing style really helps to picture our surroundings, especially when Nessa is in wolf form). But as there’s going to be a third book, I’m not too worried about that, and I’m very curious to know what happens next! 🙂


This book comes out on November 1st! Don’t forget to also check out the first book in the trilogy, Weregirl! ^^



3 thoughts on “Chimera by C. D. Bell

  1. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    I see your point about the gap left between books but I actually didn’t mind it? The relationship’s beginning would have taken too much time to explain and horde space in the book, so I was glad it was left out.
    I felt the ending might have been rushed, too, yeah, but again, it wasn’t a big issue for me. If I hadn’t known there would be a sequel, though, it would have bothered me.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this plot more than the previous one and Nessa’s development. Completely agree!
    Great review, Marta 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      Thank you, Sophie ^^
      The end doesn’t bother me as much now, because there’s going to be a sequel, so we should be fine 😛 The gap bothered me a bit, though. It’s just that it doesn’t seem to have a solid connection and some characters just aren’t there anymore? I don’t know … But I understand it would make the book longer and maybe quite boring as well, so I’m not sure which way would be better xD

      Liked by 1 person

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