Book Event: “The Mysteries of Writing”

Hello, book nerds! I have a very exciting post to share with you! 😀

Last Sunday, on the 5th of November, I was able to attend a bookish event in my city. We don’t get much of these, especially because I don’t live in the capital, so of course I had to enjoy it at the maximum! ^^

It wasn’t anything fancy, but I spent a lovely afternoon there. The event took place at CASADABOAVISTA – Café Literário (Book Café), which is a beautiful building from the XX century, filled with vintage furniture and a cosy atmosphere. I regret not spending more time there other than to attend events, because there’s also a bar and you can enjoy any drink you’d like while reading a book.


Resultado de imagem para casa da boavista café literário

image taken from google

The title of the event I attended was “The Mysteries of Writing” and the panel included five young Portuguese female authors who kept us – the audience – entertained for about three hours. They talked about their books and also each other’s books. It was a lovely surprise to see them supporting each other’s works! They also presented us with the trailers of their stories, and while they talked, quotes of the books were present in the background.


The Panel



from left to right: Ana, Mariza, Iria, Tânia and Patrícia


Tânia Dias 

I hadn’t met every author from the panel personally, but Tânia was one out of the two I did. She’s the author of “Despedaçada“, the first book in the “Broken” series. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember her, as I read and reviewed her book last year – you can check out that post here.

Tânia is a sophomore at university – she’s studying biology, and even though she now loves to read and write, her first passion is science. She sees writing as an escape, when work gets too stressful. The thing she mentioned the most during her presentation was that writing has been teaching her how to be hopeful. She’s currently working on the sequel to her debut book.


Patrícia Ferreira

The second author I had already met before is Patrícia Ferreira and she is a more recent name on my blog. She’s the author of “Ameaça de um Anjo” (Threat of an Angel), that I’ve also already read and reviewed (check here). During her presentation, she told us that she used to work on her book in her classes and that she never told anyone about her work at that time. She mentioned the lack of confidence she had, and that people usually have when it comes to their own creations, but how important it is to never give up on our dreams. Later in the event, during a debate, she proved to be very funny as well – we kept making silly faces at each other when no one else was looking (oops) 😛


Iria Alexandra Cardoso

Let’s now get to the new names! Iria is the author of “O Despertar” (The Awakening), the first book in the “Equilíbrio” (Equilibrium) series. According to the synopsis, there’s a valuable artefact called Saphyrum that is very powerful and there are two factions fighting for it. It is presented as a fantasy book, and although the synopsis is vague, it seems interesting! Iria also confided that she used to write during her lectures at uni and she went through several editing rounds. In fact, it is very likely that the finished copy of the story is the 10th edited draft.


Mariza Martins

Mariza is the author of both “Destino Celestial” (Celestial Destiny) and “Irmandade” (Sisterhood), but she was only presenting “Irmandade” at the event. That book is about a second opportunity that was given to the main character, Jade. She then went to live to the Isle of Skye (Outlander, anyone? 😍), where she’s challenged against the demons of her past and her emotions. Like it was said in the presentation, this book is very much about self-love and the search for happiness. Mariza also added that she tries to create stories people can relate to.


Ana Cláudia Dâmaso

Ana is the author of “Koldbrann – Parte 1 – Rebeldes” (Koldbrann – Part 1 – Rebels) [note: its sequel is already published], the only book from the panel that doesn’t fit in the fantasy genre. In fact, her book is a science fiction story, set in an apocalyptic future where the world has been taken down by a drug and most people would rather die. Ana revealed in her presentation that her inspiration for the book came from a chat she once had with her sister, about a lecture concerning drugs that she had had at school.



After each and every one of these lovely ladies finished their presentations, there was an open debate. The topics were about publisher houses, how literature is seen in Portugal, marketing and use of social media, and the role of online influencers. One of the most heated discussions was related to the publishing house, since there’s a polemic issue regarding the fact that the manuscripts aren’t edited by the publisher and the author needs to spend an extra amount of money if he/she would like to have his/her work edited by a professional. This was a very interesting part of the event, having in consideration how diverse the audience was.

At the very end, there was a giveaway, in which 5 people could win one copy of the books mentioned above, and I was very lucky to get a copy of Ana’s book. Nevertheless, I intend to read all the books by these ladies. There was also cake (that was absolutely delicious!) and a signing session.


“Ameça de um Anjo” and “Koldbrann – Parte 1 – Rebeldes”, both signed


To end my day perfectly, I also had the opportunity of interviewing the authors. I was planning on doing a collab with the five of them, but time and luck weren’t on my side, and so I have five individual interviews that I really, really want to share with you! These girls definitely have some really interesting (and others really touching) stories to tell! (since the interviews are all in audio format and I have to write them down and translate them, I can’t promise you when I can post them 😦 )

Would you like to attend a bookish event such as this one? What type of events are your favourites? 😀



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  1. Azia says:

    What a wonderful bookish event! The café is gorgeous and the books all sound really interesting! So many young authors with beautiful books. It’s so cool that you were able to attend such an amazing event 😀

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