Interviewing Patrícia Ferreira (author of ‘Threat of an Angel’)

Good morning, book lovers, and happy Saturday! The weekend has finally arrived – what are your plans? I already went out last Wednesday night, so I’m spending the day getting papers written and essays read, but tomorrow morning I’m going to attend a lunch with brother, his friends and their parents – it’s a thing from his old school. Now, though, I’m focusing all my thoughts on this post. I apologize for not being able to mix my posts a little, but uni has taken all the little free time I have and it’s not possible for me to post twice a week anymore. So I guess you’re stuck with another interview – but Patrícia is a lovely girl and I’m sure you’ll like to meet her. 🙂

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And now it’s time for the interview! Patrícia Ferreira is the author of “Ameaça de um Anjo“.

[The Book Mermaid] How did you know you wanted to write?

[Patrícia Ferreira] I found out I wanted to write when I was still a kid, because I used to take those books of tales and instead of reading them, I’d copy them to a blank page. I started practising like that. And then, when I turned 11, I got into a very bad phase of my life and I’d only feel safe listening to music and writing. I was in my own world, and while everyone else was living their adventures, I’d be writing my own. I used to write everything on paper,- I have my first book written in 5 small notebooks.

I’ve always known I wanted to write, I just didn’t know it would happen this way. Every time I started a story, I’d never finish it. I have a huge box full of unfinished stories – first chapters and then nothing more. But then I finished “Ameaça de um Anjo”, I didn’t even remember doing it, it just happened.

And when you finally decided you wanted to be a published author, what kind of advice was given to you?

A lot of people told me to really read the contract. And I had to talk to them because of some changes I wanted to make. Then, they advised me on to what to expect when one becomes an author: marketing, design, writing plan … But my advice would be to, first of all, never give up. First, it’s hard, as I’ve already explained during the presentation, – it’s hard to find a publishing house to tell you “yes”, we were very lucky … Others say “no”, it’s very rare for a publishing house to get in contact with you and tell you “we want you”, it’s a tiring and somewhat disheartening experience – no one is ready to hear “we don’t want you, we prefer more recognised authors”. Getting a negative answer is never nice, of course, but it’s important to keep in mind that we should never give up. Sooner or later, it might happen, and it’s going to be an amazing and extraordinary adventure!

How would you say your journey was?

First of all, when I got the positive answer, it felt like a rollercoaster, when it came to the design, and the cover, how I wanted the book, where it would be published (my book was released in Paço da Giela, that looks like a castle, so it was a privileged place, especially because I come from Arcos de Valdevez – where Portugal was made. I don’t know if you were aware of that, but we’re known for it). It was always the same process: where to release, whom to talk to, and as soon as the book was published, we couldn’t leave it alone, we needed to start talking to everyone … literally, everyone: bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers, etc etc, and try to get to the maximum number of people. When I published my book, my first concern was to talk to them, because I was already a blogger and had helped a lot of people before – I expected the same from them. I used to reach out to authors to help them spread their books because it’s very hard to get your book out there. And, luckily, a lot of people helped me back. Few people have told me “no, you helped me, but I don’t want to help you”. And, for example, … what did you ask me, again? *laughs*

 It was basically that …


Another thing I’ve been working on is to try to get all the authors I can manage to talk to and make the House of Arts in my city know them too. It’s basically telling everyone “I’ve been there, now it’s your turn”. I try to help, because it is indeed very hard, and we can only make it if we do it together …

Help each other out …

Exactly. It’s what I try to do.

And ever since that, a lot of people have read your book. What does it feel like when someone says they’ve read it?

Actually, something has happened. It’s always good when someone says they’ve read my book and they’ve liked it, but the most emotional experience I’ve had was when the staff from the House of Arts called me and told me I was needed there. When I got there, there was a lady, who told me “I’ve read your book, I loved it … I’m from France and I’m currently doing cancer treatment. And your book is what has been helping me get through this.” My heart stopped. I cried, a lot, I asked how she was, and she said she was fine … It’s gratifying to know people have liked your book, but to know that your book helped someone get through such a dark phase … I didn’t see that one coming. And even now I’m …

Feel free to cry, if you need to …

Oh, no, no! For God’s love.

It’s just that bloggers, and people who read, people who are used to read … we’re always happy because of them, but that lady left a mark on me. There are no words. “I’m a cancer survivor.” … But let’s continue, sorry.

Because you don’t want to end up crying here …

Definitely not.

Let’s move on, then. How do you deal with negative feedback?

Negative feedback. Well, I don’t see it as always bad … There’s always something we can get out of that, no one’s perfect and we should be aware of that. It’s good to have negative reviews …  I actually do like them, because it tells me what I should work on, do you understand? Reviews stating that everything is perfect … mmmm, I would prefer someone telling me “look, I didn’t like this part, I didn’t like that one, and this and this and this …” and I’m like “Ok”, fine with me, fantastic. We should take them seriously, that’s what makes an author, the reviews of the readers … they help us get better and yet, still, we’ll never be perfect.

Next one!

Would you also consider yourself your biggest critic?

I’m terrible … let me tell you this. I’m very critic when it comes to my work and I have a lot of creative slumps, and when I have one, I go talk to my favourite authors, like Mariza and Cláudia, or even Tânia * – it hasn’t happened yet because we only met each other recently, but I talk to them and ask if they have any problem and if they want help. I try to help them because I’m very critic of myself. I think about an idea, a good one, but then I’m like “mmm, I don’t know”, and so I decide to get out of my book and get into other people’s books. I help them, and then I get back to work, with a new perspective. It sounds like a complicated process, but it works … I consider myself a reader, and an author … and I love writing, and I loved publishing my book … but I LOVE helping authors, and motivate people to continue …

[ * the names of the girls mentioned are three out of the five authors hosting the “Mysteries of Writing” event] 

Given the choice, would you prefer to keep being a writer, or an editor?

Hm, both. I’m an author, first and foremost, I create worlds … I don’t have any problems creating the worlds, I have problems continuing them … See? So, there are a few things that make me stop – but I also love being the person who’s there to help, because I didn’t have anyone to help me. But I don’t appreciate people who ask me to read and promote their books, and when I ask the same in return, they say that they don’t have time, or that my book was published by Chiado … it has happened. That leaves me sad, because I always say yes, –  when they can’t, they can’t; but I could answer the same thing, and I don’t. And most times I don’t have time either, but I make time for them. It might take a bit, because, as you know, I have a lot to read, I’m always reading something … I’m currently reading three books.

Yeah, I know.

To finish this, –  as an author, what goals have you achieved, which ones are still incomplete and would make a living out of writing be one of them?

As I think I’ve said, my goal is to become an editor and work with authors, but I’d also like to be a recognized author, and try to stay connected with this world – I love being a blogger and booktuber … but there are bloggers and bloggers, and a lot of people has disappointed me because they got a little bit more of attention and followers and stopped being the person they were in the beginning. I’ve seen that happening in the last few months, and I hope that doesn’t happen to me … My goal is to always be me, and help everyone who needs. But obviously, if people step on me, I won’t allow them to make the same again. I also have some respect for myself.

That’s it.



translated from Goodreads

Elena Cam thought she didn’t fit in Angels; always felt like a stranger even in her own body. That was until she was saved by an stranger who completely changed her life.

Tattoos and powers started to appear, that affected her life and her friends’, Bella, and the twins, Landon and Justin.

Something that started as strange and fantastic at the same time soon was being threatened by an unknown figure, who stalked her. Was the same one who saved her ready to kill her? Why would he bother to save her to stalk her after?

When she found out she was Nephilim, half angel, half human, she started to grow suspicious of Ethan Fallen, who had moved to Angels at the same time she had transformed. Ethan was mysterious, and even though she didn’t trust him, she was attracted to him. When Elena found out she was part of a old prophecy, she has to decide whether she’s willing to sacrifice her life and her friends in order to catch whoever is threatening her.

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I wish I could translate and post all the interviews before November is over, so that I could share some NaNoWriMo inspiration with you – that’s what these stories feel like to me! What did you think of the interview? 🙂



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