November Wrap Up

Honestly, time goes by so fast when you’re busy, but at the same time, I’m so done with this semester. I’d like to reevaluate how I’ve done, though, so – here’s my monthly wrap up! 😛


Thankfully, my social life got a huge turn. I’ve been to parties, dinners and lunches with friends and classmates, and just hanging out with people in general. This has made me really happy, because even though some part of me is an introverted bookworm, I mostly am an extrovert and I like being around people. On the other hand, school work got more stressful. I have group projects we must deliver in the first weeks of December and they’re not close to being finished anytime soon. And I’m getting anxious day by day about the subjects I have to take an exam at the end of the semester (they’re two and they’re in the same week, of all things + works I have to deliver in the same week + English oral evaluation about a book I have yet to read). Every time I think about the pile of work waiting for me, there are only two things that come to my mind: procrastination and sleep. So you see where this is going 😅


titles usually lead to reviews

Artemis by Andy Weir – 4 💫

This was my first experience with the author and I can’t say I’m disappointed. I loved the witty and sassy personality of the characters, I loved the humour, I appreciated the explanations of science, and the writing and the pace of book were linked to each other.

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf – 5 💫

I loved this one, I definitely think it’s a must-read! It’s full of insightful arguments and brings a new perspective.

We’ve already started studying it in class, and I think I’d enjoy it a lot more if the professor didn’t make it look so boring – I can’t pay attention for longs periods of time during his lectures. But, next week, we’ll discuss a topic I found very interesting, so I’m curious to see how that will turn out.

I haven’t written a review for this one. 

Knight in Distress by Noelle N. – 3 💫

Now, I’m only adding this one because two books per month is a ridiculously low number, compared to what I was used to.

I found it on Wattpad – after I searched for one of my favourites fanfictions of all time and couldn’t find it, and so I decided to check the author’s other works, – and I’m glad to say it kept me entertained, it was fluffy and cute. Also, how great is it that you can add Wattpad books on Goodreads?? It only helps you get towards your goal 😛

I haven’t written a review for this one. 


I promise that I’ll try to write other kinds of posts other than interviews for December!! 


When it comes to tv shows, it gets harder and harder to find time to watch them, and that’s why I’m behind on Outlander and The Shannara Chronicles. I mostly watch tv shows while getting ready and/or eating, and so The Big Bang Theory is all I’ve been watching lately – I just recently finished the 9th season. I only went to the cinema once this month, and it was to watch Thor, which was AMAZING, I tell you!! 😍


It’s actually ridiculous the amount of time it has been taking me to read Cress, but what can I do? I don’t want to ditch the girls I’m reading it with, because I really enjoy buddy reads, but I don’t think my rating will be that good based on my reading experience – even though the book is amazing and I’m loving it to bits (I’m actually the first one to finish our page goals). I’m currently on page 274 / 550.

I don’t think it was a good idea to start a book as big as O Ressurgir dos Eternos Titãs when I’m so busy with uni work. I haven’t read much of it, but the world building sounds super interesting, although confusing, and I’ll need to dedicate a lot of my time to it. I’m not sure if I can finish it anytime soon, but I’m making plans to accomplish it. I’m currently on page 88 / 606.


Well, … I’m losing hope here. But truth is, I might need to start sleeping less if I want to read all of these books, the essays for my classes and still keep up with my homework and study.

Finishing Cress doesn’t depend only on me, so I’m not too stressed about that one – even though I’d really like to finish it before the end of the year. And, like I said, I’m making plans to finish O Ressurgir dos Eternos Titãs as soon as possible. The only book I definitely need to read is Small Island, since that’s the book for my English oral evaluation. And some of my friends were planning on reading An Enchantment of Ravens during Christmas holidays, and I thought about joining them (I love our buddy reads). Last, but not least, there’s Carnegie’s Maid, that I got from NetGalley and have to finish before its release date (that I believe it is at the beginning of January).

What about you? I hope I haven’t bored you with this long post. What have you done lately? What are your plans for December? 🙂





7 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. tasya @ the literary huntress says:

    Seems like you had a busy November 😀 I love hang out with people too, I love reading but laughing with friends and family are the best ❤ It's been very busy with uni work too, I think it's the end-of-year-end-of-term thing where all lecturers try to finish and we students scrambling to follow them xD Have an amazing December!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      hi, tasya! yeah, I think you’re absolutely right – the last weeks of the term (back in high school) used to be the worst for me, and they’re not different at all now. fortunately, i’m done with my classes, but i still have finals to get through. good luck with your uni work! thanks for passing by and i hope you have a lovely december too! 😀


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