The Best Book Related Memories TAG

Hello, friends! How are you on this Wednesday? Are you enjoying holidays? Working hard in class? Going to hell and back and trying to stay alive and just pass while studying for finals? 🙂

Today, to distract myself a little bit, I’ve decided to work on this positive TAG! It’s all about your best book-related memories – whether that is books you’ve read or moments you’ve spent that are related to books. I loved this tag and I’m really glad Melissa @ Bookish Wanderer tagged me ❤

1 – My First Author Signing

I must have been around nine or ten years old, and there was this little book fair at my school. My grandma went with me and we looked around together through the books. She was never a big reader, but she was the biggest supporter of my reading habits. I didn’t have any intention of buying any book, – at the time, I used to get all of my books from the school library, – but then I saw the author and he talked a bit about his book. It was about a Portuguese queen, and even as a little girl, I already loved historical fiction. I thought the art in the book was incredible, too. My grandma ended up offering it to me, and he signed it. I remember that when he asked my name, and I answered Marta, he showed me a poem he had also written that mentioned a girl named Marta. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was about. I think Marta had a horse?? 🤔


let me just admit i don’t really know how old i was when i got the book haha i know i was under eleven, tho


2 – Shadowhunters

After Twilight, which was my first big obsession (I considered sharing that story with you, but it is somewhat bittersweet, and so decided I would only share happy moments), I became obsessed with City of Bones – the movie. It was a Friday night, I wanted to watch a movie and somehow, someway, my mind managed to remember that weird title of a movie from a magazine I had read over a year ago. The something instruments, wasn’t it? And bones? A quick search on Google gave me what I was looking for: The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones. I watched it, and … ah oh. I watched it twice that day, probably five more times throughout the next week, and two weeks after, I found out there was a book. I had never bothered my uncle so much for a book in my life! Until today, it probably is the book I’ve re-read most times, between 9th grade and 11th grade. I quickly became obsessed: I used to draw runes everywhere! (I remember some draft papers from art class filled with the angelic rune xD). Even now, it still is one of my favorite series! ❤


3 – Book Fair 2017

Even though I’ve been going to the *big* book fair in my city every year from the past three, maybe four years, this last year’s visit was more special, since I not only got books (I rarely get books), I also managed to meet a lot of my online friends. Booktubers, bloggers, bookstagrammers, … A lot of people I know from online live way too far from me, but it was great to personally meet some of them (and others to see again). 😀

What are your best memories? I tag Ness @ Watford Library, Marta @ The Cursed Books and Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews



9 thoughts on “The Best Book Related Memories TAG

  1. Kristina Steiner says:

    Have you ever watched the Shadowhunters series?
    One of my favorite memories is carrying a pile of books taller than me from the library and reading it with a flash light under the covers (because I wasn’t supposed to be up). That hasn’t changed; except I now buy those piles and no one gets to tell me when to go to sleep. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      aww, that’s adorable! when i was little, i used to check out books from my school library, because it was the closest, but we could only bring one book with us per week. so, no big piles of books for me xD well, the perks of being an adult 😛
      and yes, i do watch shadowhunters! 🙂

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