A Mermaid’s Tail

Hi, friends! For those of you that are new around, hello! I’m Marta, I’m 19, I’m from Portugal, I’m a Slytherin (utmost important information) and I’m the blogger behind the book mermaid. Today I’m here to share with you my challenge for the Let’s Be Mermaids read-a-thon. If you haven’t joined yet, make sure you check out this post to see all the challenges and follow all social media. Don’t forget to keep track of your readings with the hashtag #MermaidsRead. 😉

My challenge is called A Mermaid’s Tail and it’s super easy to complete! Go on your favourite editing program and let your imagination do its thing! Get yourself a nice mermaid tail with your own personal design. Can you make it bookish? 😀

You can use any mermaid tail template or make it from scratch. It’s up to you! Here’s a blank tail you can use:


unfortunately, I messed up and couldn’t find the one I used, I’m sorry ):

So many opportunities! 😍 I know I would want to fill mine with many fantastic things, all colourful and not only book related but also Disney related. But I’m not very skilled at artsy things, so this is all I came up with:



This is my mermaid tail! Blue, because I absolutely adore these two shades (like you couldn’t tell from my blog), and mostly Shadowhunter. I (tried to) draw an angelic, healing and love rune, but those turned out to be a huge flop. But look – my tail sparkles! I’m really surprised with how it turned out, I thought it’d be way worse! 😅

I’m excited to see yours! Drop a link to your blog or anywhere you posted it on the comments and I’ll check it out 😀

How’s the read-a-thon going for all of you? I’m probably (since I’m scheduling this ahead of time, I’m going with probably) sharing my reading progress on Twitter, so make sure you’re following me so we chat about all the mermaid books!



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