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Hi, friends! Soooo, I bet most of you are loyal Marvel fans and probably watched Captain Marvel the second it got out! Well, life happened in my case, and I ended up postponing it until eventually, I had to watch Endgame without having watched Captain Marvel 😭

The lovely Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger created a tag inspired by Captain Marvel (how amazing??) and tagged me (thank you so much!!), which is another thing I had to postpone until now because I finally, finally watched the movie earlier this month (and it’s awesome!!).


  • Thank the person who tagged you!
  • Make sure to tag the creator (The Awkward Book Blogger) so she can see your responses!
  • Tag at least three people!
  • Have fun!

CAPTAIN MARVEL – Which character would you photon-blast?

hmm, I have some on my list! I’d definitely photon-blast Sloan from This Savage Song because he’s seriously messed up and also maybe Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale because she annoys me a lot (both in the book and the tv show) and I actually wanted to slap her because of the messed up ideas she’s putting in the girls’ heads.

NICK FURY – Genre/series/book you didn’t know existed but wished you discovered earlier?


Well, obviously I knew of the existence of The Night Circus. How couldn’t I, everyone was talking about it! However, I kept telling myself, for some unknown reason, it wouldn’t be for me and the hype would ruin it. And I kept pushing it to the back of my mind! It didn’t end up as a favourite book, but it’s very good, and I really enjoyed it and wish I had read it a bit earlier!

KREE – A team that would fight together and die together?


I almost stole Jessica’s answer, because I love it, but then I remembered Wild Beauty. The Nomeolvides girls definitely seem to be the mess with one of us mess with all type, even though sometimes they keep things for themselves. They’d protect each other, always.

SKRULLS – Favorite shapeshifting character?

I don’t think I actually have any? I don’t know, the only book(s) I remember reading mentioning shapeshifting characters are the Shadowhunter ones, and those are demons, so not exactly my favourites.

SUPREME INTELLIGENCE – Which author (dead or alive) that you love/respect would you see when you visit the Supreme Intelligence?

hmm, that’s a good one! Having just finished reading The Cruel Prince, and being completely mind-blown, I’d say Holly Black. But I’ve been reading Cassandra Clare‘s books for so many years and I absolutely love the Shadowhunter world, so she’s likely to be the one to show up.

FLERKEN – Misguiding book cover?

The old Vampire Academy ones! Thankfully, they got a makeover! I could only think of a cheesy and cliché NA love story when I saw them. Well, they might be cheesy and cliché at times, but the series is surprisingly good, and definitely YA! It doesn’t deserve these covers!

FIGHTER JET – What sweet ride (fictional) would you love to have?

I’d actually like to try one of those vampire bikes from The Mortal Instruments! That scene with Jace and Claire flying over the river has always seemed really cool!

PAGER – In the time of need, which character would you call to save you/the universe?


I think Kaz Brekker and the Dregs from Six of Crows would be a fitting choice, since they get themselves in the craziest schemes and always manage to get out of them!

Now it’s your turn! I tag Alex @ Whimsy Pages, May @ Forever and Everly, Holly @ Nut Free Nerd, and whoever else who might want to do it 😀



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