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Hi, hey, hello! I’m super disappointed in myself for NOT feeling the Halloween spirit this year! In Portugal, we don’t usually do big things for Halloween, but it’s quite common to see kids asking for candy, dressing up and sometimes they have themed parties in their schools. I miss that, actually! In the past years, Halloween for me has been basically hours and hours watching Disney Halloween movies (I can’t watch horror movies, so cute ones it is!!). And Hocus Pocus makes part of the annual list so I wanna thank Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger for tagging me (even though I’m posting this two years after … I’m sorry 🙈)

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For some reason, the trilogy that came to my mind was Daughter of Smoke and Bone BUT I haven’t yet read the third book so that would be kind of missing the point! (but you can tell I have high hopes for it!) So instead I’m going with one of my favourites trilogies of all the time and one of the best in existence, The Infernal Devices 💖


I didn’t want to copy Jessica’s answers so early in the post. 😂 However, I can only remember Dolores Umbridge when thinking about a female villain I truly despise, so Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


hmmmmmmmm 😅 I’m sorry Jessica, I’m not doing it on purpose!! But I really have to go with Percy Jackson because who doesn’t love a good story about heroes, monsters and friendship? I love, love, love Percy Jackson and I recently got a copy of The Lightning Thief in English (I’ve only read it in Portuguese) so it might be time for a re-read 😇


I read Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea such a long time ago and it was probably one of the first books I requested on Netgalley or something, but it was a really cute comic about friendship and the design was really adorable, so it’s silly in a good way hahaha


I don’t understand the hype surrounding Colleen Hoover, but I’ve read Confess and I don’t think her books are for me. The story, the characters, … everything seemed very forced and weird, so at least for me, it definitely didn’t succeed.


When I was in 7th grade I got Daughter of Dust to present in my class, because every term we had to read and present a book, and apparently middle-grade books were not appropriate anymore because I “needed something more challenging” (loooool) and I ended up really enjoying it and reading it a few times. It’s about a girl who was born in Khartoum and was abandoned because her parents were unable to care for her, she only has her friend and older sister (that was married off to a much older man), and who went through a lot in her life (at the age of ten she had to endure female circumcision, she was married and had kids at some point but then got divorced because her husband was an asshole to her, and more things).


Okay, I’m gonna sound very mean right now, but Harry Potter. I love it just as much as everyone else, I talk about it every time, I mention my Slytherin personality every five seconds, BUT, every time J. K. Rowling opens her mouth to share something new about it, she manages to mess up. We can keep Harry Potter alive on our own, so I think we’ll be fine if she lets it go.

One way I tried to make it come alive by myself was sharing places in my city which the author seems to have taken inspiration from! 


I probably have a huge list, but nothing comes to my mind right now … 😭


I haven’t been properly keeping up with the books in the Percy Jackson universe (shame on me) but I believe we’re getting less and less content about the original characters, right? So while fanfiction is great, I do miss my canon babies! 💕


Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn! I have no idea what people in other places think of this book, but when it came out in Portugal, everyone I knew was reading it and hating it. They claimed it was too childish and immature, but like, EVERYONE WAS SAYING THE SAME THING and I seriously started to get scared. No worries, though, it’s a lovely book that I adored.

Oh and, while we’re on this topic, May @ Forever and Everly, wrote an amazing post about criticizing realistic teens in YA! 


I’ll go with Wild Beauty! While I don’t /love/ it as much as everyone seems to, I enjoyed it, and I was mesmerized by the magic that truly looks like it works on its own, really effortlessly.


The Bane Chronicles, perhaps? Actually, I think I could go with any book from the Shadowhunter world, as at some point or another, all the characters seem to meet each other, but The Bane Chronicles fits well, because it tells the story from several places and times.

This ended up having more questions than I anticipated! 😅

I now tag Erin @ Kitty Jade, Sofi @ A Book. A Thought. and Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate ^^

🐠 Happy Halloween! Have you planned on doing something? 🎃




11 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Book Tag

  1. Alex @ WhimsyPages says:

    I’ve been trying to persuade my boyfriend to have a marathon of horror movies on Halloween, but he hasn’t budged yet 😀 I’m planning to convince him with Halloween candies and cookies.

    Dolores Umbridge is THE worst! She gave me chills everytime I re-read HP books… Pure evil!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie says:

    Lovely answers for this tag! I have to say that… my mind often draws a blank when it comes to thinking of very evil female villains, it always goes to Umbrige haha. I guess she’s the one that really made me mad hahaha. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica says:

    Oooh! Getting an update on Percy Jackson and the original gang would be amazing! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen them (I too haven’t really been keeping up with Rick Riordan, oops), but honestly seeing how they’re doing in their adult life would be pretty cool. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anna @MyBookishDream says:

    The Infernal Devices is such an amazing trilogy! ❤ Dolores Umbridge is seriously the best/worst villain in all of Harry Potter. I hate her so much! I completely agree, J. K. Rowling seriously needs to stop messing up Harry Potter. Great post! I really enjoyed reading your answers! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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