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I feel ashamed. I was such a big Jonas Brothers fan back when I was younger – I had a notebook that I would use for my homework every day, posters on my wall, I even entered a Disney Channel contest and it was so awkward, I cry now. HOWEVER, I haven’t really been paying attention to them now and their music (even though I was super happy when they got together ), and that’s why I feel ashamed 😛

But nevertheless, I’m here today to answer the Jonas Brothers Book Tag, because Lais @ The Bookish Skies so kindly tagged me ❤ (this tag was created by Rendz, @ Reading With Rendz). 

YEAR 3000

A book/series set in the way distant future or A book/series that took you on an adventure

This is an easy one! The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer – I adored each and every book (even though it took me pretty much a year to finish Winter) and they’re set in the future AND take us on an adventure! And they’re also fairytale retellings. Perfect 😉


A book/series that took a while for you to get into

Maybe Little Women by Louise May Alcott – I really enjoyed this book and its domestic atmosphere but it’s mostly focused on character development, not really action and plot, and so it can get very slow at times, and it took me a while to get used to it.


A book/series that you needed saving from

Even though I’ve previously said I adored The Lunar Chronicles, Fairest is the exception. It was a good book to get to know Levana’s mind but still, there were some really intense scenes and thoughts, and it didn’t make me sympathize with this villain at all. I sure needed saving from Levana!!


A romance that makes you melt into a puddle of goo

Lucy and Catherine from The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite! They’re literally the sweetest and softest to each other and despite their different backgrounds, they learn so much by being together, and support each other no matter what, it’s really adorable!! ^^


A book/series so good it set you on fire

I mean, this would be especially dedicated to my favourite books/series, so maybe Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson, American Royals, Red, White and Royal Blue, The Cruel Prince, …


A ship you were not expecting, but it happened and you ship it

I mean, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and it gets hard, because pretty much everything I remember has a pretty obvious relationship/love interest. Maybe Nina and Jefferson from American Royals because they’re not so much obvious at first, but I am rooting for it.


A book/series you would reread over and over again

I mean, again I’ll go with my favourites: the Shadowhunter books (that I have indeed re-read already some of them), Percy Jackson (they’re so light and enjoyable), … But I have slowly been losing interest in re-reading books so the true answer should be “none”, because how do people even find time to re-read books when there are so many new ones out there!

I have no idea who to tag for this one, so feel free to do it if you’d want to! 😀 I probably need to step up my JB game 😛




18 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Book Tag

  1. Jessica says:

    This looks like a fun tag! I never really listened to the Jonas brothers, but I did see Joe Jonas in person recently on campus, which was really strange!

    I still need to read Red, White, and Royal Blue. Seeing that it’s one of your favorite books makes me all the more excited to read it. Lovely post! ❤

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  2. Azia says:

    Oh I would definitely reread the Shadowhunter books over and over again. In fact, I’m rereading them now lol. They just have that quality, you know? I recently read Little Women for it’s movie (which was AMAZING) and even though the content was so…mundane?…I still really liked it! It was sweet, sad, and joyful.

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  3. Alex @ WhimsyPages says:

    Ahaha, we are getting to know all of your deepest secrets! And Disney contest? woot?? How did it go? What was it for? I’m very curious right now! 😀

    I have to admit, I didn’t even know Jonas Brothers were a thing until 2019? when they got back together. And then only because one of them is married to Sansa from GoT. *facepalm*

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    • Marta @ the book mermaid says:

      Trueeee, I’m exposing myself online!! xD It was a contest to appear in one of their Disney TV show episodes (that doesn’t seem very legit now, how would they get a Portuguese winner – a minor – to the studios? lol I don’t remember even if anyone won) and we had to send three pictures of us showing how great actors we were, one pic smiling, other sad, other angry, and OH MY, I look so ridiculous I can’t even describe it, it looks so, so bad I exaggerated my expressions, my uncle took those pictures of me, why did he allow I sent them!!! hahaha)

      I mostly knew them from Disney Channel, Camp Rock, their own TV show, etc, and I was really obcessed with them (obviously hahah). Now I’m not really that invested but tbh I’m not /that/ into music and artists anymore, like I can be their fan and enjoy their music but I don’t go to lenghts to know everything about them :/

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  4. Lais @ The Bookish Skies says:

    yayyy! it makes me so happy to see you answering this tag.
    i have a lot of similar experiences with the jonas brothers from back in the day: i DIYed my own notebook cover with a bunch of their pictures and i used it all throughout 6th grade. looking back at it now, it wasn’t good at all, and it’s probably embarrassing how much i showed it around, but i remember being really proud of it when i finished it.
    speaking of little women: have you checked out the movie already? i know it came out last month, but the release date in brazil has been post poned. i haven’t watched it yet, but my best friend keeps talking about it, as he’s a huge emma watson fan. i don’t know much about the story, except for what i saw in the trailer, but hopefully, it will have a faster pace than the book.
    i think i can almost understand the feeling of losing interest in re-reading books. i haven’t lost it completely and there are still more than a couple titles i want to re-read this year, but last year, i had this thing where i was re-reading a book a month, but i decided not to carry that on for 2019 because it was a bit overwhelming and i feel like with my ever-growing TBR, i want to prioritize new books and new authors.
    hope you find time to check out what jobros are currently up too! thanks for answering! 😊

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    • Marta @ the book mermaid says:

      At least I’m not alone on my weird JB phase 😛 I completely understand your point, we had a shelf at school to keep our notebooks for homework and extra exercises and everyone could see mine whenever they went to pick theirs but I didn’t care in the slightest even tho I was the only one with actual people on the cover of the notebook xD

      I haven’t checked out the movie yet! It went to the movie theaters right? I’m not sure about the release date in Portugal, but here in Germany the movie tickets are quite expensive, so I’ll likely wait. I’m very excited to watch it tho! I’ve heard they have a slightly different twist in Jo, like she’s totally focused on her writing and feminist views, I think I’ll really enjoy that 🙂

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  5. Marie says:

    ahhhhh okay but marta you need to listen to their new songs okay. I’m still a fan and I’m not ashamed ahah, I adored them before and still do now haha.
    This is such a fun tag! I loved reading your answers so much. I love the lunar chronicles so much, I rarely re-read books, but I’m definitely going to re-read this series at some point 🙂

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