The Mystery Blogger Award 4

Hey, friends! The past few days have been a bit chaotic – I spent a lot of time preparing two very important presentations and, thankfully, I’ve gotten rid of them (and I think I did well enough). I’m now missing three exams so I can end this semester and I’m very honestly not looking forward to them at all. Today was a catching-up-with-the-economics-class-notes kind of afternoon, so I think I deserve a break! And that’s why I’m bringing you my answers for The Mystery Blogger Award – thank you so much Alex @ Whimsy Pages for nominating me ❤


1 – Put the award logo/image on your blog

2 – List the rules.

3 – Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

4 – Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well

5 – Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

6 – You have to nominate 10 – 20 people

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8 – Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)

9 – Share a link to your best post(s)

This tag was created by Okoto @ OkotoEnigmasBlog. 😀

Three quick facts about myself: 1) I LOVE taking pictures of buildings! My uncle is an architect and I think this might have influenced me in some way because I really enjoy looking at buildings, either old, aesthetic monuments, or actually new, recent buildings, and find a way to take a nice picture of them. 2) My favourite chocolate is Milka with Oreo inside, but I’m super picky. It can’t be the one with the full Oreo cookie, it’s the one with tiny bits, you know what I mean? 3) I’ve recently acquired a weird obsession of applying hand gel, hand cream or lip balm every few minutes, it’s actually annoying when I stop to think about it, but it’s hopefully just because due to my anxiety (exam season gets me crazy).

And moving on to the questions …

1 – How often do you visit your local library?

Unfortunately, not nearly enough times! My local library is a 25-minute bus trip from my house and it’s actually quite nice there. I like going there to study and I usually do so only during exam season (so, January and June) and only a few times. They don’t have a vast or updated collection of books, so it’s not like I’m very interested in that – I mainly go to study, – but I actually thought about checking out what books by Portuguese authors they have there that I could read fairly quickly.

2 – What’s your policy on lending books?

This is tricky territory. I once lent a book to a classmate and he returned the book completely ruined – it even had to undergo surgery – but he got really interested in reading after that, so I didn’t stay mad at him for too long. However, I’m now really picky about whom I choose to lend my books to. I can count them by the fingers of one hand, and they’re people who are also avid readers (or that I’m counting on turning into avid readers) and that I know that will take care of my book as well as they take care of theirs.

3 – What is your favourite food to snack on while reading?

I usually always go for cookies, they’re practical. Almonds are also nice!

4 – Share your favourite blog post!

This is super awkward! I’m very bad at self-promoting, and honestly, I don’t have /one/ favourite post. Not even /a/ favourite post! I think I am fairly happy and proud of a couple of them, such as these interviews and discussion posts, but in no way, they’re my favourite posts.

5 – Do you keep your books organized?

More or less. They’re all inside the bookshelves, but I don’t have much space left, so I have some in the vertical, some in the horizontal, some are just tucked there, in whatever space I could find, … I try to keep somewhat of a scheme, though: by genre, then collections, personal preference, size, … But it has come to a point I have The Cruel Prince in one shelf and The Wicked King in a completely different one!! 

My questions:
1 – What’re your criteria for organizing your bookshelf?
2 – What was your last five-star read?
3 – Do you have a favourite bookmark?
4 – Where do you like to read the most?
5 – What’s your reading goal for 2020?
My nominees: Azia, Jessica, Olivia, Lais, Erin, Caitlin, Tinka, Anna, Kelly, Tiffany 🙂



23 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award 4

  1. Jessica says:

    Good luck on your exams! You’ve got this!

    I also only have a handful of people I trust my books with. One time I lent out to a friend a brand new book that I got signed by the author and she returned it with the spine completely destroyed. I was devastated at first, but since the book was still readable, I didn’t stay upset for long.

    Thanks for nominating me! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta @ the book mermaid says:

      Thank you!! I need all the good vibes I can get ❤

      Yeah, I can totally understand you. Personally, broken spines don't bother me so much, at least not long-term. I understand that it might happen more often, it just makes me temporarily sad (especially if the book has a special design on the spine, I'm extra careful with those).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea says:

    ahh, thanks for nominating me 🥰 so excited to answer your questions! It sucks that your friend returned your book to you super damaged, but it must’ve been so rewarding to play a hand in his becoming a reader! And I LOVE COOKIES SO MUCH. ugh, they are literally the perfect texture, and literally any flavor and type is delicious 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta @ the book mermaid says:

      No problem, I’m looking forward to reading your answers!! 😀 #TeamCookies hahaha

      Yes, sometimes I joke about this, because my friend genuily felt bad about it. Because the book is still readable, and the cover is black so you can’t detect most of the damage, I didn’t stay truly mad about it for long anyway. And I’m really happy that he became a reader after that! Even though the transition was super weird, the book I lent him was Gone Girl and he went from that to books about History and Politics (but I’m proud of him nevertheless – he’d blame /me/ for making him spend more money eheh bookworm problems!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Alex @ WhimsyPages says:

    Well done with the presentations! I used to get so nerveous speaking in public, I hope it went well 🙂 And good luck with the upcoming exams. I also started preparing for mine, so I feel a lil bit less stressed now. lol

    I’m obssessed with hand cream 😀 As I spend most of my days in the office with tons of docs and constantly typing on my keyboard, I apply and re-apply my hand cream like every 30 mins. Ahaha

    The thing that annoys me the most when lending books to people, is not even the state of the book when its returned, it’s the fact that it takes soooo long for people to return the book. If the book is 300 pages long, I expect them to read it within a week, but usually it’s months and months and months. 😀 *facepalm*

    Uuuh, I love almonds ❤ And all type of nuts tbh.

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    • Marta @ the book mermaid says:

      Thank you!! Yeah I think the presentations went okay (I had a real-life strategic consultant in one of them and she didn’t seem impressed, but at least it’s done now, I’m just hoping for a good grade!). When are your exams? ^^

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with the hand cream obcession! I actually *never* had this habit before, but I picked it from a friend here with whom I spend a lot of time hahaha Now I can’t stop!

      Yeah, well, I’m kinda used to the time it takes other people to read books, tbh. I used to lend books all the time when I was in high school to the same two people and they were bookworms as well, so I could expect the book back in 1-2 weeks. Now with college I understand life gets busier xD As long as I get my book back, it doesn’t bother me so much (except when it’s been like one year or almost lol)

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  4. Olivia @ Purely Olivia says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me!! I really loved reading all of your answers to this.☺️

    Oh no, that’s not good about the book you lent to a friend! At least it got them into reading, that’s definitely a bright side. Most of my irl friends aren’t big readers, so I’m always eager to lend them books because I get excited that they might become interested in them as well and then talk about them with me, haha!

    I’d have to agree, cookies are a wonderful snack. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Marie says:

    congratulations on the award, yay! I also LOVE taking pictures of buildings everywhere especially when I travel. I have no relationship whatsoever with architecture, but if you take a look at my pictures from my trip, there will be, like, 90% buildings haha. Also a lot of food, but that’s another point entirely hahaha.
    It’s so sad that you got your book damaged! 😦 that’s why I’ m always so worried about lending my books to anyone, really 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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